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The Nordic Mum

Hei there, Nordic Lifestyle Lover,

I am Susanna a Finnish mother living in Australia. I love sharing my knowledge about the Nordic Lifestyle in my podcast and blog.

  • Ever wondered how people at the Nordics live their lives?
  • Why do they seem to be so happy and content with life?
  • How do they embrace the slow life and just get on with it?

My podcast features people from all over Nordics to discover how the Nordic Lifestyle is available to us all. You do not need to live in the Nordics to be a Nordic. By listening to their stories be inspired and motivated.

I am first time author of  Nordic Lifestyle, yes a real book with pages and everything! You can purchase the book from my book shop.

Nordic Way of Living

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Nordic Mum Lifestyle Podcast and Blog

My love is to talk about Scandinavian life, how to have that happy Scandinavian Lifestyle where ever you are. I interview people from the Nordics, people with Nordic connections, or who have moved to Nordic countries for a better, happier life.

My podcast motivates and inspires you to live your life with a hint of Nordic simplicity with less is more and each episode gives you practical tips to get started. Be inspired on how you can live like the Nordics without living at Scandinavia.

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What My Listeners Say

... I gained much more. Plus having been an expat, I feel quite simpatico with the down-to-earth host although my accent is not as charming as her Finnish one....


Thank you for the varied topics, always a pleasure to listen to your podcast.


I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your podcast. I found it on Spotify the other day. I am fascinated by all things Nordic.