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Top 5 Tips When Travelling With Kids

Bonus Episode ; Top 5 Tips When Travelling with Kids

Travelling long distance with kids can be hard. Flying, using trains and buses as fun as it is I was not prepared for some of the things we encountered in our recent travel to Europe. I had prepared activities, like stickers and books that they can colour in. However, it always what you do not have in your Mary Poppins bag that the kids are after. I promised myself that I will be more prepared next time and I would share my travel experience with you.

1. Snacks, snacks and water

Even if you are in-plane and you have food and drinks available it is a good one to have a refillable bottle with you. We bought few just to take with us in case we lost them (which we did) one for each child. We emptied these before going through customs and filled in on the water bubbler at the other side. Plus points for Singapore Changi Airport which this was fary easy. Minus for London Heathrow where you were struggling to find a point to refill your bottle. Helsinki Airport as new and shiny you are it was disappointing to try to locate refill point.

Snacks, we had apple, mandarins, bananas and raisins. Anything that keeps hunger away and is nutrious and fulfilling.

2. Headset

Yes the airlines give you one however they are usually too big for small head so investing 20$ for a headset that keeps your child happy watching movies is god sent. We bought one from the airport but you can find some at the digital stores or in Amazon. We fly one 13 h journey without these and decided it was not going to work out so stop over in Singapore was a savour.

Travelling with kids

3.Travel Journal

This was recommend by a friend to me. She said just buy A5 plank book and a pen. Get your child to write down his journey as he experiences it. If he is not able to write it then write it for him. This was the best idea ever. With all the gadgets and distractions my son loved this the most. He was writing pages of what he was seeing. There were days we were too busy, but when he was in a car he was writing again what he had seen and heard, experiences that last a lifetime.

We kept boarding passes and tickets for places so that we can glue them to the pages. If your child is too young to write, just ask them what they saw, what they experienced, what was the best about the day and write the question and answers down.

Travel with kids

4.Comfy Clothing and Socks

When you travel you want to be comfortable and those jeans that can cut in places just won’t help. Make sure kids have stretchy comfortable clothing, plus change of clothing in that big Mary Poppins mum bag. Particularly socks as when you try to sleep your feet tend to get cold during the long  flight.

Did I already mention, take the night flight when ever possible. There is nothing worse that over tired kids with over tired parents (been there, done that ). So take a night flight to be kind to yourself and fellow passengers.

5.Mummy Medicine Unit

As a nurse I always have plasters, bandages, antiseptic wash, gel in my bag. But when you travel things happen. Make sure you have a remedy for generic things, like diarrhea, sick bag (x2), disinfected gel that can be used on creatively. Lip palm, hand cream also go on the same bag. Make sure they are all under 100ml so that you have no issues on passing security. You would be surprised how often these comes in handy.

So here you are my top 5 tips when to have when travelling with children. One thing that I did not have on the list is scissors as you cannot get these on hand luggage.  When we needed we did not have them on flight when my son put chewing gum on his hair, and it was not until over 24h later at home we could remove it.

Let me know if you have had similar incidents?

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