How to keep kids busy in Sweden holidays

Sweden with Kids Top 7 Things to Do

Traveling to Sweden with kids is easiest done by renting a car, taking the train, or flying. It all depends on what destinations you are planning on visiting. If you stick with the main cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, taking the train might be the best way for you to get around. It is easy, convenient, and kind of fun for the kids.

When we came over to visit Sweden from the US, especially when the kids were little. As far as transportation went, the flight was not the highlight of the trip. It was the local bus and train that was most exotic and fun for them.

Sweden is a very family-friendly country to vacation in. You’ll see strollers everywhere, kid-friendly menus, play areas and parks, things to make it easier for families in general.

There are a lot of fun things to do, see, and experience in Sweden as a family. Everything from enjoying nature to riding a rollercoaster. Let’s talk about some of your options that the whole family can enjoy.

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Sweden with Kids – Top 7 Things to Do

Explore Nature

Fun for all ages is to explore nature. With the unique Scandinavian concept of “the right to roam” you can hike trails and camp most forests, as long as you leave the place the same way you found it. There are also plenty of campgrounds for both tent camping and caravans for a more convenient stay.

The beaches are beautiful in the summer. Sweden has a long coastline, and beaches will vary. In the south, you will find beaches of sand, further north, you’ll find cliff formations. Crab fishing, kayaking, boating, and other fun water activities are available.

Amusement Parks

Amusement ParkIf your family enjoy amusement parks with rollercoasters, carousels, cotton candy, and live entertainment, the two main places to visit is;

Since 1923 Liseberg stands for fun, amusement rides, games, and music, entertaining people from around the world. The park has something for all ages, from beautiful parks to exciting roller coasters. Liseberg is also the host of the TV show “Lotta på Liseberg”, a music show with Swedish artists entertaining.

Grönalund, located on Djurgarden, in Stockholm, is another classic Swedish amusement park. If you visit the capital and want a day or evening of rides, games, and fun, this amusement park will not disappoint. A mix of classic old and new, Grönalund will entertain for hours.


Cold days, snow-covered landscape, untouched nature, and fun experiences summarize a Lapland stay up north in Sweden. Family-friendly ski resorts like Åre, Sälen, Idre and Riksgränsen offer well-groomed slopes, ski school, and after-ski for the whole family to enjoy. They might not be the largest mountains you have skied, but the family-friendly atmosphere and kid-friendly ski areas make it enjoyable for everyone.

In the Lapland area of Sweden, you can also enjoy other fun winter activities. Husky rides, a reindeer-safari, snowmobile ride, or ice-fishing, how does that sound? If the timing and conditions are right, you might get lucky and see the northern lights. You can also join a guided tour where an experienced guide will take the whole family and hunt for the greenish-bluish light dancing on the dark sky.

Museums for Kids

Kids things to do in SwedenAround Sweden, you will find kid-friendly museums. A couple of examples would be:

Junibacken, Stockholm 

Universeum, Gothenburg 

Junibacken Stockholm is a fun place for families with young children. It all started with author Astrid Lindgren; you know, the lady that wrote Pippi Longstocking. One thing Ms. Lindgren was sure of was that she wanted Junibacken to be a center for authors and illustrators, not just a place for her characters. And so it is. You can find exhibitions, theater, a story train, a bookstore, and much more displaying children’s characters.

Universeum, Gothenburg, is a fun science center for kids of all ages. Play games, discover the rainforest, join in the chemistry lab, learn about underwater creatures in the aquarium, learn about your body and health, discover space, and explore technology. Educational and fun at the same time.

Adventure parks

High Chaparral with Cowboys and Native Americans, sounds more like a wild wild west show in the US than a theme park in Smaland, Sweden. A unique park located in the woods of Smaland. Enjoy outdoor shows, play areas, horseback riding, and more. They put on good shows with live entertainment of horses, Cowboys, and Native Americans. Take the train, but be aware, you might get visitors.

How to keep kids busy in Sweden holidaysMeet the characters of Astrid Lindgren in her own theme park Astrid Lindgren’s World. Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Brother Lionhearts, Ronja and more, are all there and put on wonderful shows throughout the day. Maybe more for the younger kids, but as an adult, I must admit I enjoyed it tremendously. Maybe, because I grew up reading and watching movies about all these characters.

Visit a Zoo

Discover animals around the world at the Kolmården Zoo. Dolphins, lions, gorillas, bear, bobcat, elk, Kolmården has more than 60 different kinds of animals. At the park, you can also meet the popular children’s character – Bamse – “the World’s Strongest Bear”. You can meet Bamse and his friends. Have pancakes in Grandma’s kitchen. Also, enjoy Skalman’s ride.

Want to see and learn more about the Nordic animals? Skånes Djurpark, in south Sweden, is the world’s largest Zoo, for Nordic animals. Visit with elk, wolf, bear, moose, and other nordic species. Get close to the friendly animals like goats, rabbits, and sheep in the children’s farmyard.

Be a Prince or Princess for a Day in a Swedish Castle

You will find historic castles around the country where the kids can pretend to be a prince or a princess for the day. Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm, a UNESCO world heritage listed gem, is well worth a visit. The home of the Swedish royal family, but still parts of the castle and park are open to the public.

One of my personal favorite castles is the Sofiero castle in Helsingborg, Sweden. Located right by the water and offering a wonderful garden in the summer, this small and charming castle is fun for the whole family. Let the kids explore the fairytale forest, the labyrinth, and the playground.

Sweden offers a great variety of fun. It doesn’t matter if you have young kids, teenagers, or even adult kids – Sweden with kids makes for a memorable vacation for everyone. From museums to roller coasters, from a nordic Zoo in the south to a reindeer-safari in the north – Sweden is fun for the whole family!

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