7 Facts about Sweden

7 Surprising Facts About Sweden

7 Surprising Things About Sweden

7 Surprising Facts About Sweden

When Jesse told me there are surprising facts about Sweden that I should know about. I was intrigued. He has been living back in Sweden since just before Covid started and had some really interesting observations. So we put together a list of 7 things plus one bonus on what you probably did not know about as surprising facts about Sweden.

Are Swedes Gamblers?

Jesse explains that there are lots of adverts about gambling that he found really bizarre. “I’m living in a country gamblers.”, he laughs. Jesse had countered 15 companies that regularly advertise gambling. They would not be there unless there was a return on investment when I ask do people really use them.  It is surprising to hear that Sweden has very open regulations about gambling adverts.

How Do You Do Fika at Work?

FikaThis is mandatory at the workplace, Jesse explains.  We usually talk about at social settings but there is mandatory law and you need to do the fika. “For foreigners coming from overseas, this can be a strange one. You would interpret it as a coffee break at work time. You are paid to have a Fika. The worst thing you could do is to say you go and have a coffee, I will continue working.”

[bctt tweet=”Fika is seen and treated as a meeting. It is about social disengagement and aring ideas that might not probably happen otherwise.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”].

People still do the Fika during covid and meet up. In Finland, you have ‘pullakahvit’ but it is not formalized thing that you need to be there as an employee.

How Meetings Are Run in Sweden

There are lots of discussions. When time is up they say ” Great see you later.” There is no decision made once the time is up the meeting is finished. It is like meetings are meant to be an open forum to air their opinons.

This is different from the norm of how to work meetings are perhaps done outside Sweden.

Surprising Facts About Sweden in Regards to Organic Product

Jesse have noticed that everything needs to be Eko (Eco or organic) product. ” Eco is everywhere, in the adverts. Even on wines” Jesse explains that people are crazy about eko products. People prefer eco and organic products as it is people who want to take care of nature.

[bctt tweet=”They are very sustainable almost on a fanatical level.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”].

There are kinds of milk that cows spend more time outside, you can choose the brand that is more eco. It is reassuring to hear that there are more organic products and people are demanding them

What is the Surprising Fact About Made in Sweden?

life in SwedenConsumer demand is all about made in Sweden. “The number of things they have like pasta with Swedish wheat.” There are lots of logos on products that are been said are made or have Swedish produce.

We talk if this is related to European Union and if there was a need to support local products. The consumers have voted to buy local Swedish products and they are considered a better product. It is not a patriotic thing more about the reliability of the product.

What is the 15 Hour Rule?

Jesse says warning to anyone who wants to move to Sweden. “Because the daycare in Sweden is subsidized…the ruling is if there is a parent in home you only get 15 hours of childcare.”

The times are set time, set days and the kids is known as a 15h child. You are stigmatized for it, Jesse says. You cannot even pay for longer hours as you cannot pay extra.  I talk with Jesse that it is cruel on the child and stigmatizing the child.  “The stay-at-home mum or mums are not encouraged,” Jesse says working and providing towards tax.

Living in Sweden

Making Swedish Friends is Hard

Jesse says that when he was overseas it was hard to have local friends. “It is even harder to make Swedish friends. Finns are known to be quiet, nontalkative noncommutative and the most surprising thing is that Swedes are not like that. They are really, really friendly but they will not be your friends.”

Unless you are on the social scene Swedes are not going to invite you for a dinner. The lack of pub culture on where you go for drinks after work and being older with children is some of the reason Jesse talks about why building friendships is harder. The covid situation has not helped on trying to socialize either.

What is Surprising about Lamps on the Window

Her wife pointed that in the evenings there was a lamp on the window. I ask why is this? “It brightens up the street, the environment when you fo walking. The lamps are up dawn till dusk.”  says Jesse. It is almost if you do not have one on your window you are not participating. Very hyggelig way to get cozy.


Lights on windows

Swedes are Not Law Abiding Citizens?

Jesse says this is controversial as Scandinavians are seen as being very law-abiding citizens. But they are not. Jesse says they have a stubborn straight and “It is a fine line the lack of not following social distancing and having Fika meetings middle of the pandemic. It is most of the older generations.”

Jesse thinks it is the homogenous society that has been there for 1950’s it disintegrating and there is more divide than on the 1980s when he lived there as a boy. There is a difference between people who have more money and those who have less money.

What Next to Jesse Karjalainen?

Jesse has started a business in communications Sweden, where he provides support to local and remote businesses with communications. Conceptual copywriting and copywriting and design layout and proofreading as well.

He says that there have been 21% increase in starting new businesses in Sweden and the 15h rule for child care has definitely helped him to get started.

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