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Making Social Impact Through Your Business

Making Social Impact Through Your Business 

Ever heard of what social impact means? Or what is its effect on our community, or to the world we live in?  Let Liz Volpe takes you to her journey to self-discovery and finding her purpose. Get inspired by her amazing story as I did.  And at the end of this episode, I hope that you find time to reflect on what you can do to bring positive changes to your community and start making your social impact too.  Our world is waiting for you.

Finding her Purpose and Passion

Liz confessed that she never really found anything in her life that she was good at. But launching her first business gave her that sense of inspiration and motivation that she put her 100% commitment amidst any obstacle.  And her hard work paid.  Her business grew fast.  But things started to change as she became a mom.  She began to feel stale, and so, she decided to sell the business a couple of years ago.

But fate must have other plans for her.  Who would’ve thought that a simple trip to Cambodia by accident would change her life?  She met a woman from a charity called Sunrise and a young girl who was a victim of child trafficking then.  It blew her mind that a child who experienced such trauma would remain so positive and has high hopes for the future.  She left Cambodia, but she knew she had to do something when she returns.

Start of Gen Z

This was the start of her journey in the impact business and led her to start Gen Z.  She decided to put a team of Australian entrepreneurs and design a curriculum called Dare to Dream and run this workshop to teach entrepreneurial skills to the kids in Cambodia.  Her plan worked out, and the results were terrific.  In a grand finale event, the kids launched their business with a small budget.  For the first time, Liz felt she was aligned to her real purpose and passion.

And so, she decided to launch a social enterprise where she turned a program into a program that she run for schools in Australia.  The money that the schools pay was used to fund her work in Cambodia.  Every time they run the workshop in Cambodia, they will award an overall winner who’ll win $1,000 to start their business.

Social impact

[bctt tweet=”“And the best thing about it is that they do it all by themselves.  We give them the skills that a business can be built from.  A lot of times, we overcomplicate it.  And we think it needs to be a lot more difficult than it is.”” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”]

The League of Extraordinary Women

The League of Extraordinary Women is another passion project of Liz that came out accidentally.  One time, she went to a conference and met three women.  They realized that they need to run an event where all-female founders can meet and get together.  The initial meeting was held in a local bar attended by 12 women, and it has grown ever since.  The community now involves 180,000 of genuine, caring and supportive women.  They run a conference called Women in the World happening in different places and several times in a year.

 Personal Time

In life, there as quite as many challenges as there is in business.  For Liz, she finds difficult balancing her roles as a mother and her busy schedule with her business projects.  She gives herself time by doing simple things like walking, reading or even having coffee.

What’s Next for Liz?

Liz wears different hats which makes her schedule very busy.  But still, she remains dedicated to her purpose on impact business.  She’s going to create Impact Next Generation and they will be launching a documentary aiming at students, parents, and teachers on how to navigate life after school this 2019.

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