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Why Scandi Kids Clothing Are Way to Dress Your Kids

When my kids were young I was always dreaming of dressing them in colorful Scandi Kids Clothing. My family and friends send me things from Scandinavia and I was always wanting more. The Scandi kid’s clothing was more durable, colorful and better made. Your kids did not look like all the other ones. The vibrant colors made them stand out on the playground. When I came across Stephanie White and her Scandi Down Under shop I was excited. Someone else shared my love for the colorful Scandi kid’s clothing.

I wanted to ask Steph about her start of the business and why she was drawn to the Scandi design.  She is always on the lookout for new brands that meet the criteria of being eco-friendly produced and sustainable. So any Norweigian kid’s clothing brands give her a call.

Scandi kids clothing

Why Scandi Kids Clothing is So Popular

In this episode we cover:

-Why Stephanie started her business Scandi Kids Down Under
-Her love for all things Scandinavian design on clothing
-Why ethical and sustainability are the core of her business
-Where she cannot find clothing brands from?
-How her business has become a family business
-How she is running the business from home

Scandinavian kids

Connect With Stephanie

Website: Scandidownunder.com.au
Facebook: @Scandidownunder
Instagram: @scandidownundershop

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