Episode 44 How to Become a Business Mom with Natasha Stewart

Moms these days are faced with loads of challenges, be it in the home, workplace or anywhere else. They are indeed superwomen -who are juggling different roles in life. In today’s fast-paced world, this one-woman-mom feat has proven that she can transcend beyond what people sometimes don’t believe you can do.

A Blessing in Disguise

It was indeed heartwarming talking to this mompreneur, Natasha Stewart. She is a stay-at-home mom who became successful at a business when she experienced an unfair dismissal from work due to being a mom. Though it was one significant setback for her having to go through that humiliation. It has become a stepping stone to having a multi-million-dollar business she has now called Business Jump. It has helped moms out there who has these ideas at the back of their minds but had no way of actually starting the business because of so many reasons preventing them. She helps them move through each of those stages of pacing their business together. For moms who are thinking to put up a business, she quips to have not just any business. But choose to have a meaningful one, and makes you happy and would love doing it.

Juggling Roles of a Businesswoman and Mom

The role of a mom is never easy. And running a business at home won’t lighten the load either. That equates to more work, more trouble, more stress, more headache, and the list will go on. But that’s the beauty and essence of being a mom because we can juggle multiple roles and still get effective on each. I didn’t say we are perfect, but you’ll agree with me when I say that we have secret superpowers (wink).

Natasha says it takes a lot of mindset and resilience to go on, but it’s all worth it. Like if there’s something at school that she needs to attend to, she could freely do that. Or fun things like when her kids painted their TV with toothpaste while she was on call. Those were unforgettable and precious moments.

Riding the Waves of Changes in Online Business

Natasha feels a stronger emphasis on digital marketing. For people who want to start their online business, she suggests starting selling a product or service that you’re getting in digital marketing. We need to know how to communicate, sell and present ourselves to our audience for our business to generate revenue. Essentially, it’s about your story. You’re like the brand, and you need to put yourselves out there to tell your story.

Natasha Stewart with her kids

“If you can use yourself and your uniqueness to counter the noise and create connections telling your story, then that’s going to put you miles ahead of someone that isn’t doing that. Or certain people will connect with you but certain people won’t. And that’s fine. Like segmenting the market is an amazing thing to do. So definitely, storytelling is something that has been rising a lot I’ve seen.”

Natasha Stewart

As to putting yourself out there in social media, she espouses about “selling without selling” to leverage your business. People are more interested in you and your products or services because it’s real and there’s a real person behind them. They can see that you have faults like everybody else, or like a mother like someone else out there. When it comes to brand awareness, it helps to cut through the noise by making something unique and devising ways to set you apart from others.

How to be eco-friendly

“When you come from serving, giving value, expertise, knowledge and giving a piece of yourself as well, it creates an undercurrent of people that wants to come back and work with you or buy your stuff because they connected with you. People do business with people, not businesses.”

Natasha Stewart

For moms out there who thinks of starting a business, Natasha has these four tips:

  1. Focus on mindset first.

Focus on not putting too much pressure on themselves. Just do what you can within a day. If we can be kind to ourselves and to work on our mindset, it then sets us up to have a more significant opportunity at success.

  1. Work smarter, not harder.

Natasha relies on systemizing. Once you start doing something, set up a system for it. Relying on automation and outsourcing is working smartly. 70% of her business is automated or is outsourced. She has a fantastic team who does a lot of her work in progress and starts doing those before she could even afford it.

  1. Connect with your community.

Don’t be afraid to share some of yourself out there. That’s what people gravitate to, and people want to know who’s behind the business.

  1. Keep things simple.

A lot of times, we overcomplicate things because we feel that it isn’t good enough. But if you can keep things simple, become a master at it. And then continue to refine and master it. Then, that is a massive sort of thing to bring into the business as well.

Despite her busy schedule, Natasha finds time to chill out and relax. It’s either she walks around or finds time to watch trash TV. And yet, she continuously educates herself through reading books or listening to podcasts, which she considers a significant growth trigger to her business.

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