Why The Nordic Countries Are the Happiest in the World

Happiness in Nordic Countries

 Nordic Countries Are The Happiest Fourth Year Running

Finland is the happiest country on Earth fourth year running. Those of us who have been either born or lived in Finland are not surprised. The World Happiness Report has been colliding data slightly differently this year due COVID.

And COVID and how countries have managed the pandemic and what effect this has had on human lives were part of the research this year.

Taking all in consideration Finland tops the charts again. But so do all the other Nordic countries. All the Nordic countries are in the top ten. They have been on the top of this index since 2011.


Happiest countries in the world

Why Happiness Matters?

Clearly, Finland is doing something right by how it is run. The fab five as they are called are all female leaders in the government. This includes one of the youngest prime ministers in the world Sanna Marin. They have been able to keep COVID numbers down and the trust of the government and authorities is still high.
Of course, Finns want to be top of the charts. Particularly when it is top of Sweden (our dear neighbors were 6th on the report). But how does happiness gets so much free press and why are always talking about it?
People are always looking for that next thing. Place or way of living that would make us happier than the life we are living at the moment. We are validating our lives through charts.
The Nordic countries have mastered this by having a balance in life. Having Lagom; just enough of everything like the Swedes would put it.

Why Are The Nordic Countries Are Happiest?

The simple answer is that the people can trust each other, the government, and society. You are not wasting time-fighting for your personal rights and the society works.
People are satisfied with their lives. Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs who is part of the report team says,
“We find year after year that life satisfaction is reported to be happiest in the social democracies of northern Europe.”
Nordic countries happiest
There is less of a gap between poorer and wealthier people. Society is based on equality. Everyone has the right to succeed in life and society supports you to do so.

What Can We Learn From the Nordic Countries?

The Nordic people and particularly the Finns are known for their SISU. SISU as having perseverance, guts and resilience to whatever life throws at you.
My view is that Finns are quietly happy with life just as it is. The humble outlook in life, that you do not need to have or be anything more than you are.
If you look at some of the larger, western democracies. The UK fell from 13th to 17th place and US climbed from 19th to 18th. These countries have a larger gap between the wealthy and poorer.
They also have had issues with implementing COVID plans. Or how to tackle social reforms and poverty. Addressing these issues are fundamentals that the happiest Nordic countries have done well.

Perhaps people should look at the resilience in the Nordics. Long-term happiness is linked to social trust in Nordic countries.

Is your country a happy place to live? Do you have social trust? Let me know in the comments or catch me on my socials.

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