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Episode 45 Making Living Out of Monochrome Baby Books

Making Living Out of Monochrome Baby Books

Chloe Watts’ journey in founding her business brought significant effects on her finances, relationship with her husband, and family as a whole.  Discover her story and get inspired that you can also achieve your dreams while having a beautiful and close-knit family.

How Chloe’s business took off

While on maternity leave, Chloe went on to look for ways to earn and did random things like screen printing T-shirts and other products for kids, designing, and selling kinds of stuff on Instagram.  While keeping herself busy with these tasks, she is searching for a baby memory book for her newborn baby named Rosie.  She couldn’t find any that captivates her attention, and looked for something that she can customize but didn’t want to do scrapbooking.  Finally, she decided to create her design and used the colors she loved.  And that’s when Blueberry Co monochrome baby book was born.

A beautiful working relationship with her husband

Chloe’s husband, Dave, joined her business a few months after the launch.  He got involved in the business when he built the website from scratch, marketing, packaging, distribution, and other admin tasks.  They realized that they need to combine their efforts and focus on the business to achieve their long-time dream of moving to New Zealand near the beaches.  Their relationship has beautifully grown and has evolved into an amazing partnership as husband and wife.  Now that David is at home working for the business, it helped them both to be better parents, especially when their second daughter Sophie was born.

Chloe Watts Holding Monochrome Baby Book

Business as usual while moving to New Zealand

Moving to a new place can be quite stressful that they decided to hand over a few activities.  They sought the help of Chloe’s mom to handle the distribution for 2-3 months.  Eventually, they ended up finding a third-party distribution in Australia to lower the shipping costs and remain closer to their customers.  The turn over of the distribution tasks went well and made their business structure more efficient.  They saved costs and freed up their time of about 4-6 hours a day that is more worthy of spending with their kids, reaching out to their customers, and growing their business.

Toughest Learnings

Bluberry Co monochrome Baby book

One of the impactful realizations that Chloe had with the business is understanding how the customers use their books, and being able to communicate effectively in terms of marketing and giving the information that their customers need.  When she was starting the business, the trend was the monochrome and clean type of books.  She failed to recognize that it was the customization was the reason that people fell in love with the book.

She has now a Facebook page with around 7,500 members which she fondly called the Blueberries.  Chloe always hangs out with the group, checking out what everybody’s doing and connecting with them.  Learning to communicate with them was a huge lesson for Chloe.

Another thing she learned is to not look closely at the competition.  She realized that they hold a separate place in the market, and it’s certainly fine to have competitors. Chloe was able to push forward with her vision without the distractions.

She also realized the mistakes, the do’s and the don’ts she made, learning from them, and trying not to repeat those mistakes.

“There are no failures. There are only mistakes, and you learn.  And you  move on.”

 Chloe Watts

There are a few books that will be launched this year.  The Facebook group is doing fantastic and brought positive and encouraging space to all members.  While business is doing well, Chloe finds time to relax, unwind, and exercise.

It is truly a fun time interviewing Chloe, and I hope that this episode brought so much inspiration to you, fellow moms!

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