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Keep Happy and Thriving on Time of Social Distancing

How to Thrive on Time of Social Distancing

The time of social distancing was not something we would have imagined has become the world of 2020. Like you I am looking at what I can do with this time at home on self-isolation and social distancing and how I can use it best. I have come up 7 tips that I think will help you through this difficult time.

1. Limit Your Time on Social Media

This is no brainer to keep the limit on the time of social media you are consuming. To be able to thrive and keep yourself happy you need some downtime. Keep social media platforms to a minimum. Use them sparingly from your computer, delete them from your digital phone. Use them only at a certain time of the day like mornings and evenings.

Be strict with this and protect yourself and what you want to achieve with yourself and the time you have. Read the news, the right news but limit the time you are on these news feeds. [bctt tweet=”Stop comparing yourself against your friends or strangers on the internet.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”].

2. Keep Contact with Friends and Family

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Your family and friends are going through the same as you. They have bad days and good days and they would love some social connection from you for sure. Arrange a zoom date, what’s up thread to check on your nearest and dearest.  Have a wine date over internet with your friends or have a skype call with your bestie.

There are so many ways to keep us going and keeping those social connections alive. They are more important now than they have ever been. Don’t feel bad contacting with your friends, write a letter and cheer up your family member or a friend. The happiness that you receive will pay itself back to your friends and family.

3. Set up Structure for Your Day

Like in the big brother house put the lights on and don’t just stay in bed and PJ’s all day long every day. It is tempting on letting go of some of the normal routines as you need to schedule a new normal routine with the constraints you have.  Set up a structure that keeps you and your family happy.  It is okay to indulge every now and then but make that an exception.

Make sure you get up every day, have your breakfast, dress up and make a routine of what you do for your family. You might include walking the dog and homeschooling and work. You might need to alternate with your partner on who does what but write it down so that you can have a schedule that you can follow.

If you write it down, you are more likely to follow it. For example, I have attached the schedule template that I use for our house on my download that accompanies this post. There is a complete episode with download for kids that you can check out here in episode 92, How To Keep Kids Busy During Coronavirus Lockdown with activities and resources to use.

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4. Exercise Keeps You Happy

Keep moving, keep yourself healthy, and do exercise every day. It might be that you are doing it inside but still keep doing it. There are plenty of free resources like Yoga and Pilates at youtube on the internet. You can support your local gym and sign up for their online gym for the time being.

Whatever it is make sure you get some downtime to exercise. If you are lucky and you have a garden, you can do all this there. If you are lucky that you can go for a walk, make sure you get your daily exercise if that is allowed.

5. To Thrive This Is a Learning Experience

Yes, you heard me.

[bctt tweet=”This is a learning experience like no other.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”].

Being happy with your social distancing, isolation make sure that you keep your brain switched on. This might be time to learn about your own behavior, keep a diary about how you are feeling what triggers your mood swings. This will able you to modify your behavior for the better.

Learn a new skill or update your knowledge. There are plenty of free resources available at the internet. Please see my download for the list where you can update and get free or paid resources. You can meet with people on these learning circles that you perhaps did not know that existed.

6. Do Things You Have Not Had Time to Do

How many tasks you have postponed and put on the back burner? I am sure there are plenty of things that you have never had time to do. Now that you have all this time. Tackle those tasks. Do that garden work, veggie patch, decluttering your cupboards. Check out episode 89 for some resources and how to get started.  You have time in your hands that you have not had for a very long time and it is best spent being active. You will realize how happy it makes you to get those tasks you have not done completed.

7. Reflect

Take time to look at what you are doing. Reflect on time of social distancing. What happens outside of your home is out of your control. What makes you happy and thrives you? You might come out of this as a different person than when you went into it. You might find your behavior changes the longer we are social distancing. There might be better behavior from people as a result of this that will benefit us all.

Check out the Download attached to this episode for resources and schedule template to help you further. Let me know below or on socials on how you go.

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