Best Way to Get Started on Nordic Minimalism

Start With Minimalism

I am going to talk about the best way to get started on Nordic Minimalism. But first, how do we define minimalism? It is about owning fewer possessions, less is more approach.

I come from a family in Finland where my mother was the original frugal mom. She taught us that we did not need the newest new thing. You can fix things that are broken rather than have a new one. She was head of her time as being frugal and more sustainable has become fashionable only recently.

When you need to buy something new, buy something that will last, get quality furniture, an item that you are buying. Home items can have multiple purposes, a table can be a chair, chair can be a table.

I talked about decluttering in Episode 89 and how we can actually look systematically how we can repurpose, recycle, reuse things. Check this podcast out if you want some tips on how to get started.

I Scandinavian countries there are lots of reuse centers that we use to gift items or pick up things that we do not want to buy outright. Being more eco-councious and sustainable is easier in the Scandi countries.

Having more Life

When you have fewer things to worry about, less things to cause you stress you will be happier and enjoy life more. For example social media apps. If you have followed me, you know that I removed my Facebook app from my mobile while back. I also after reading an article on how social media can make you anxious I removed all the apps that I could.

I felt that the minimalism stretches all the way to the mind as well. We need to create more space. I went on a cleaning spree on the phone and removed lots of things that I did not need, or knew that I even had them.

Best ways to less is more

I have taken back the control of my life, by removing and limiting the information overload I was having.

“Minimalism is about having less to worry about.” 

I challenge you to remove your social media apps for a day and see how you feel? Let me know and drop me a message in Instagram.

Intentionally More Minimalistic

Nordic minimalismAt the Nordic countries, we live more sustainably. Everything is recycled. Look at Sweden. They bring waste from other countries so that they can keep their recycling plants going as they are so efficient at recycling.

Minimalism is being intentional with your actions to be more minimalistic, buying less, having more life, consuming less as well. Having less things to worry about it gives you the freedom of processing things. It gives your mind to freedom to wander, and think about things that you perhaps didn’t even knew. It is very liberating, you become more productive as a result.

How You Become Minimalist

I am not going to lie, it can be difficult. I was asked how does your husband take on the minimalist thinking and approach. He is kind okay but sometimes just does not get the changes I want to implement.

Making changes in life is hard. Your brain is resisting the rewiring and asking it to accept new things can take time. You can embrace minimalism in many ways for example

  • I would recommend getting your mindset right first
  • Secondly, look at your house on how you want to live your life
  • Get rid of items that are not needed, use Marie Kondo approach

“Embrace one aspect of minimalistic living first, and it will ripple down to other parts of your lives.”

Minimalism does not need to be boring.

We, Nordic people, are the ultimate minimalist with our lives. We live like minimalists and we do not even know it. It is because society and culture are geared towards minimalism. Hope you enjoyed this episode, go and grab the checklist for this podcast to get you started on minimalism.

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