Social distancing life

9 Things You’d Never Guessed About Post Pandemic Life

9 Learnings From Social Distancing

1. Working from home is here to stay after social distancing

[bctt tweet=”Working from home is brilliant and helpful if it works for your job.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”].

Lets face it. It is here to stay for sure for those companies that see the benefits and who put job satisfaction in front of the profits. Companies have come to realize that you can rely on people at home to get things done. There is savings to be made on reducing the overhead costs (renting the office space) and your employees are happier.

Employers have become flexible on their approach to how and where people work. You do not need to be at the same physical space to be seen and heard. Companies are using digital platforms in more innovative ways.

Social distancing changes

2. Using social apps differently

If you have not been on zoom or what’s an update with your girlfriends you are missing out. The request for social dates on apps like Houseparty has skyrocketed. Our social life has changed, the apps are making it more realistic and interesting. Do we need to be driving 4 hours for dinner? No more if we choose not to.

The social apps facilitating these meetings are growing and are here to stay. New social solutions will come up on how this app can serve as better and more options, like going to movies together will be there (if not already). Facebook has video call facilities for calls up to 50 participants, sure all other platforms are following with innovative ways to use the net.


3. Shopping Habits Learning from Social Distancing

Have you ordered anything online in the past month? While you been browsing in social media have you seen something that you wanted and you purchased through the net?

Chances are that you have. I certainly have. We have more time in our hands and we tend to be more open for offers. Beets the boredom of staying home. I bet that shopping for things that we perhaps went to the shops previously are bought more online than ever before.

4. Back to the Basics

We see people cooking more, being more in tune on what they consume. [bctt tweet=”More sustainable, local products are been sough-after.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”]. I don’t know about you but I love shopping at my local grocery store and fruit market. Supporting local shops is going to help your area getting back to its feet faster.

People are recycling more, decluttering their houses, and going back to basics. There is an underlying change in people’s consumer habits.

Social distancing life5. Slow living lifestyle

You know that old saying less work more life. People are more relaxed and they are enjoying life more. I have had many conversations with people who feel that they have left the rat race and they are not wanting to go back.

They feel more at ease working less, having less to worry about and working on their own pace. [bctt tweet=”More slow living approach to life, more reading, and being with your family.” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”].

6. Environment is recovering after Social Distancing

There is less pollution if you look at some of the satellite pictures showing the industries and factories slowing down. you see there is less pollution on the air. For Example the penguins on the street in South-Africa. There are animals roaming on the streets in Australia. Animals are reclaiming their territory and that is a good thing. We hope this will last.

7. Paid services as DIY

How many of you have done home haircut in past month? Hands up. I have. How many of you have dye your hair? Yes, we are all getting to this DIY frenzy of learning to do some of these services that we used to pay as it was easy and convenient. Now we are doing mani-pedi at home and why would be want to go back to paying these services.

You will find that many things you can learn through youtube tutorials. Or check my free guide on the episode 94 Keep Happy And Thriving On Time Of Social Distancing that gives you options on where to educate yourself with some new skills for free.

8. Learn to Exercise on a different format after Social Distancing

I do not know about you. But exercise has taken many different forms and Pilates, yoga on-screen on the telly and whole family stretching front the telly is the new norm. Not just my or kids thing anymore but we seem to be changing how we consume exercise and where we do it.

TikTok dancing and sharing these with friends is fun and something you can do with your parents as well.

Alone in social distancing

9. Introverts are thriving

If you are introvert you would have loved being at home. How we can enjoy the time we have with kids and family and not having a need to go anywhere if we choose not to. Uber eats and takeaways that do delivery have been booming.

For some people, they are thriving in this environment and they do not want to change and come out of it when this passes.

So here are my 9 learnings you should know about social distancing. Time will tell which ones of these will stay. Let me know which one of these habits you have changed?

Social distancing life

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