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What KonMari Lifestyle Concept Teaches us About Life

What KonMari Teaches Us About Life with Sharon Chisholm

Have you heard of Marie Kondo and her KonMari  lifestyle concept? A method of cleaning and clearing your house? And looking at all things you have, did you feel if those things spark joy to you? I got the chance to speak with Sharon Chisholm about all things KonMari lifestyle concept. We’ll talk about why this concept is inspiring people to act, and how the Netflix series had a massive impact on consumers?  Lastly, we’ll also discuss what you can do to tidy and organize your life and work following the KonMari Method.

About Sharon

Sharon is a writer, speaker, consultant, and award-winning mindset coach. She works with women in business all over Australia, in areas such as self-worth, work, life balance, overwhelm, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. She is passionate about empowering women to feel confident and in control, and helping them to find the courage to step out from the shadows and be brave in both life and business.

Moving to Australia

Sharon professes how life mysteriously works and took him to a different path when she moved to Australia.  She was living her life in England and on her 30th birthday, Sharon chose to celebrate in Australia.  Her quick trip made her love the country that she decided one time to do paragliding joy flight and unexpectedly, fell in love with the instructor.  And as they say, the rest is history.  They are now happily married for 16 years and has beautiful kids.

Less is more approach in life

Working in the Mental and Emotional Health Space 

Sharon has a post-traumatic stress disorder that she got when she was a teenager and suffered from domestic violence.  She was also diagnosed with postnatal depression after she gave birth to her daughter.  And four years ago, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Having these disorders, she realized the need to do things that will not trigger her anxiety and be organized on the physical aspects of her life.  And through a Netflix series that Sharon used to binge-watch every day, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, she was introduced to the KonMari lifestyle concept. A method which completely changed her outlook in life.

 The KonMari Concept

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that’s what Sharon’s husband always says, and to which she disagrees.  She believes that the more things you have, and the more things you do, the happier you’ll be.  But that’s not what it supposed to happen.  More often than not, we get overwhelmed by our many choices, and we end up not using all the things we bought.  The KonMari  lifestyle concept is having and enjoying the things that we use and the things that serve a purpose.  You may have five bookshelves of books, but you only read ten of them. And the rest only collects dust that you have to clean every time.

The time you devoted to cleaning these unread books could’ve been spent on something you love doing.  They took up not only your physical space but also the mental and emotional space of storing these books.  When you are doing this method, ask yourself, does it spark your joy?  KonMari talks about having things that you can have a relationship, having gratitude for these things, and bringing you happiness.

[bctt tweet=”“It’s not the money that brings us joy; it’s the things that the money allows us to do that bring us joy and bring us peace.”” username=”thenordicmumpodcas”]

What KonMari Teaches Us

After applying KonMari method, Sharon reveals that women who approach her felt more peaceful.  And they realized that they are opening up mental space to prioritize and think other things.  And that’s undoubtedly is beneficial because we tend to be overwhelmed with many things in our heads. In a lot of cases, we’re also getting rid of spending money with guilt.  Items that you don’t need for a long time are a waste of money.  Your mind will shift to selling them or passing them to somebody who will use them, instead of keeping them useless.  You will learn to think about gratitude and connection.

Starting a Support Group via Facebook

KonMari fever spreads all over the world.  Sharon and her friends put up a Facebook group Konmari Your Stuff Facebook Group to support and connect women.  They share ideas, suggestions, and nurture a space where people don’t feel judged.

They see that people might not invite you to their house because they’re ashamed of what it looks like.  Just like mental illness, and through a support group, they were able to get rid of this mindset.  They speak openly about it, which therefore reduces shame and be in control in dealing with it.

Sharon will be launching her podcast this 2019 which will be called Braving Business.  She will be discussing the challenges and the balance between life and business.  Topics about running your own business or working for somebody else, and about the courage that often takes us to put ourselves out there with people judging us will also be tackled.

She has even speaking engagements lined up, and busy building her coaching clients that inspire her every day.  She is also into writing.  Sharon has indeed applied the KonMari concept by freeing herself up with the things and activities she loves and being thankful for her new sense of outlook in life.

Check out  what we talked about in this podcast. If you are looking ways to get rid off unwanted items here are some of the items we talked about:

-RSPC for linen
-Facebook swap, sell and give groups locally
-Local charity shops for clothing
-Local library for books
-Gumtree to sell larger items

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