Know How to Decorate With Nordic Minimalism

Decorate with Nordic Minimalism at Your Home

I love talking about Minimalism and in this episode we are concentrating on know-how to decorate with nordic Minimalism at your home.  If you want to learn more about nordic minimalism listen to episode 91 Best Way to Get Started on Nordic Minimalism where I talk about this concept more generally. In this episode we are talking about how to use the minimalistic approach at the space that you live in.

Nordic Minimalism in Accessorizes

Think about cushions, big heavy blankets. Something you can wrap your sofa, bed with. Not too much though. We love using decorative items like candleholders (I am thinking  Iittala or Marimekko) , a jug, a vase something that gives some color to the room.

Nordic house

Wood with Metal

Chair and table with wood and metal finish. Nordic minimalism statement pieces where old meets new. Old coffee grinder that you got from your granny. Think about it as a focal point on the shelf rather than gathering dust on the cupboard.

Use Plants and Flowers to Bring Nordic Minimalism Inside

Make your home Hygge house. Make it feel cozy, with greenery. Bring outside into your spaceFresh plants and flowers brighten up space and make it feel like a more cozy home.

Neutral Colours

Use muted colour palette when decorating. Nordic Minimalism is known for these heavy muted colors dark greys, browns, wood color. The color is then parred with brighter colors that come from those statement pieces I spoke about earlier. That colorful candle holder or cushion.

Natural Lighting

Natural light makes your home feel light and airy, bigger, and brighter. No heavy curtains on the windows, bring the light in. Think about the Nordic cottages that you see in pictures they are all about big windows.

Nordic minimalism

Minimalistic Clutter-Free Space

Yes, remove all excess things from your space. Look at my previous episode Best Way to Get Started on Nordic Minimalism  and there is a checklist on how you can start decluttering your kitchen. There should be lots of white space in the house so think what you really need, and remove anything that is not required.

Wooden Flooring

We have had lots of conversation about this in our house. We are due to renovate and I love our floor, it just needs to be sanded and varneished to come good. So wooden floor, laminate, wood effect what ever it is that you have is very much about Nordic deco.  Think about subtle wooden tones on your floor.

Limit Things Around Windowns

I talked about no heavy curtains but to have more subtle covers, floor-length that are light and airy. Decorative rather than closing the window of light.

Modern Furniture

Have some quality pieces that last the time. Statement pieces that you can hand to your kids, and grandkids thereafter. You might have that old furniture that you could updo and make it new again.  Useful, practical pieces that are still minimalistic.

We love wooden furniture but there are lots of plastic furniture nowadays that are made sustainably and it can re recycled. Think about eco-friendly approach when you purchase something new. Less is more in decorating nordic minimalism.

Where You Find All This?

I always look for things on Pinterest. That is my go-to place to find ideas, inspiration and even shop.  There are a few inspirational brands that I use in my home and they really look good. I wanted to list them here for your help as well.

Another place to look for inspiration is Instagram.  I love browsing those Scandi influenced accounts when I am decorating my home. Here are my few favorites for you to check out.

Hope this episode has given you some inspiration on how you can decorate your home with a hint of Nordic Minimalism.

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