How to Have Hyggelig Time with Kids?

Hyggelig with Kids

How to keep yourself and kids entertained but at the same time keeping them relaxed. Tricky I know but I have gathered here my tips how to have that Hyggelig moment with them without the added stress.

Spend Time Together as a Family

This should be no brainer but then you start thinking about what should we do? Take that long walk, or set up a movie night once a week. That is my favorite with my boys at the moment. You can be playing games (monopoly) or cards, or drawing together with kids.

They just love spending time on these kinds of activities with you. Spoiler alert be careful with the activity as in our house monopoly causes more issues (the brothers are competitive) and not necessarily a relaxed activity to you in the end.

Create Hyggelig with Book Time

In my house it is called book time. Have hyggelig moment where you can be reading books to your kids. Make them read aloud and you listen. Perhaps you have a comfortable book nook for them and you to curl up on cushions and read together. It is that simple.

hyggelig with kids

How Was Your Day?

Have a moment to connect before dinner asking how the day was for everyone. You could do this before dinner, or during dinner. But just paying attention on everyone on how their day was and asking them a simple question so that they can offload any issues.

Works magic when you have kids who have a teenager attitude at age seven.  Remember that if you do not ask how are you why should your kids ask you? Your behavior sets an example to the kids. This is hyggelig moment just there. Listening to them and they connecting with you.

Sit Down for a Family Meal

Try to make that hyggelig moment like a family meal together at least once a week. Perhaps you take everyone out for lunch or dinner once a week. Have a picnic at the park eating sandwiches.

Or just when you are home for the evening that you all together sit down and eat together. Kids love connecting with you on a table where you all are together. Hyggelig with kids can be for example just eating your burritos together. Bonus tips I take my kids to plan the menu and at times they actually help to prepare the food. You talk about the ingredients and measurements and why you use them.

Yoga to Relax

My oldest surprised me when he asked the first time can I do yoga? He has seen my mat and obviously wanted to try. We found this youtube channel Cosmic Kids Yoga and we watch it together.

We took the mats out and started doing yoga and every time they want to relaxed that is what happens.  I try to join them if it is not middle cooking dinner. But how beautiful it is when you kids can relax and enjoy time with you like this?

Hot Drink with Pyjamas On

My favorite Hyggelig moment with kids is drinking a hot drink with PJ’s on. Like is there anything more comfortable than that? Kids love having pajamas on all day (so would we adults if we could decide) and when it is cold or rainy outside why not!

Make a mulled wine to yourself, hot chocolate or hot cranberry juice to your kids. Just hang out and have hyggelig with kids hot drink in your hand.

So there are my six tips to get you started on your Hyggelig time with your kids. If you want to know more download my check list with some extra tips to get you started.

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