Hygge Summer

How to Have Hygge Time in Summer

Hygge on summertime is not that different than hygge on wintertime. I was inspired to talk and write about this when I saw people asking how to keep the hyggelig time going when on summer.  There are few things that you need to remind yourself of. Hygge is always about togetherness, enjoying the company and being in harmony with what you are and what brings you pleasure.

Hygge Summer

What is Different about Summer Hygge?

Well, not a lot. You can have the same cozy hygge feeling with same as you do with wintertime, minus the cold weather. However, there are few things that you can add to your list of cozyness on how to enhance the feeling of hygge and here are my top tips.

1. Summer Picnic

The best thing you can do is get a  picnic blanket, wicker basket and head out to a beautiful spot outside. If you are lucky to live by water, or beach, a national park or just a local park where you can take your shoes off and feel the grass under your feet. Take your friends and family with you. Roll out the blanket and have your basket full of summer salads, leftovers the night before, some wine, beer, or kombucha. Enjoy summer’s day watching the day go by, kids playing and sitting under an umbrella shading you from the sun and having hyggelig moment with your friends and family. Talk, enjoy and eat. Not much more needed.

2. Berry Picking

Picking local berries in the summer day or perhaps orangery, an orchard that is local to you. Being useful, getting some summer vibes but also thinking about what you can do with your produce. Make some jam? Or bake a cake or pie? Having some useful to do with your barriers afterward as well. But remember to enjoy the moment of being outside and having fun chatting with friends while picking, as it can be hard work. Some cold drink shared amongst friends and just being together.

3. Baking a Summer Cake

Now, this is a must. If you have just been picking all those berries it does invite you to bake a cake or a pie. I vision layer cake with the crust, strawberries, cream, and crust again topped with cream and more berries. It does not get more hygge than this to enjoy the summer with something sweet with a hot drink. This makes my mouth water and want to get me baking again.

Summer hygge time is easy

4. Barbeque with Friends

Invite some family and friends over for a BBQ dinner or lunch. Have some cold drinks, and bubbly wine with some meat, salads and hot barbeque to make it all cozy and hygge. Sharing food promotes togetherness and cooking is in the top 10 when asked from Danes on what they thought was hygge for them. So let’s be like the Danes.

5. Biking Around

Enjoy and see what is around the corner. See if you find new places, biking in summer is fun with kids particular. Just check out what you can find, new streets and places to wonder. Get some exercise, pleasure of sharing the moment with your love ones.

6. Mushroom Foraging

In the Nordics towards the end of the summer, the mushrooms start to come out. You start to notice different shapes and sizes of mushrooms coming out. My favorite memories are foraging with my granny or with my mum. Learning what you can eat and what is poisonous and what is not. Perhaps this translates to fishing for you if you have no mushroom forests nearby. Just sitting by the creek, river or sea and taking a moment to enjoy or just be with nature. That is hygge just there.

7. Fireplace 

Fire and warm cozy moment is always associated with hygge. I think it is the top one there with candles. So get up and brushing up the fireplace that you use once a year. Perhaps you have a fire outside, and can just sit around, talk and have a glass of wine to appreciate the stillness of the hygge. And we add some marshmallows for our kids, or sausages grilled on the outdoor fire.


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Summer with hygge

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