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How to Hygge and Decluttering Your Life

How to Hygge and Decluttering Your Life

How to Hygge, what is Hygge and decluttering your life. This month is all about Hygge. When the northern hemisphere has winter you do want to feel cozy. So let’s talk about how to hygge.

Hygge = coziness and being comfortable, feeling of contentment.

Hyggelig= Having relaxed, pleasant and comfortable time

To listen more about Hygge you can check Episode 88 Where I talk what Hygge actuall means. Ingrid Opstad in Episode 79 talks about Hygge and Episode 68 Hygge with a budget I talk how you really do not need anything to have Hygge.

How to Hygge

Being cozy with yourself and, your surroundings. Stripping off any distractions like digital devices. Being just with yourself and being comfortable with yourself.

Hygge can be a moment on your own, or having a long walk. Getting to know a new friend, a cup of coffee. This is all a hygge. When you are on a state of mind that you feel cozy.

Creating a hygge atmosphere with Scandinavian Design pieces this can be hygge as well. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable. Let’s just say that for me drinking morning tea from my favorite Marimekko mug is a hygge moment.

How to Declutter Your Life Starting From Your Home

Let’s start with your surroundings. How you can have a more meaningful existence with less stuff to be worrying about. I like to quote Marie Kondo and her KonMari method here. If the item does not bring joy why do you need it?

Look at one room at a time on how you can minimize the stuff you have. Make sure that the items you keep are practical and have a functional purpose. That is not to say you should not keep those grandmothers teacups she gave to you. Make sensible decisions on how to get the most out of what you have.

Use this method when sorting things:

  • What You Need
  • Can this Item be Repaired?
  • Can I sell this ?
  • What You Want to Give to Charity
  • Things that can be Recycled or Reused

Remember that you can use Facebook groups give and change, sell to get rid of things that no longer is needed. Gum tree, ebay there are lots of charities that would love to take what you do not need.

Once you have done your home, removing unwanted and needed items from your life becomes easier. No one is comfortable and cozy around busy and crowded home.

Decelutter life with Hygge

Decluttering  your Mind

When you have fewer things to worry about around the house, your mind suddenly becomes easier to manage as well. I am a list person. It keeps me on tick and makes me get things done. Perhaps you need reminders on phone, posted notes or lists on the fridge to get things done. But once you get a habit of using one of these methods you will find that you are more top of things you are doing and it becomes much easier to do as well.

Having a list for things and then putting a journal next to your bedside table. When you have ideas, thoughts or conversations that you want to get out of our head just write them down. I get my best ideas in the shower and have a pen there that I can write to the wall when I need to.

Decluttering mind can be tricky and you need some practice. Just closing your eyes and taking a deep breath and centering your thoughts (like a mini yoki moment) and counting numbers backwards to 10 can calm you and stop your mind drifting.

Decluttering Your Life

It’s not just about your mind but about people who surround you. Yes, those who are pulling you down. Those who have a negative influence, who criticize your life without allowing you to pursue your own dreams.

You know who I am talking about. We all have one of those in your lives. Be clear with yourself and cleaar your mind hence my point above about decluttering your mind first. Before you evaluate friendship and their meaning and  how they affect you and do they make you happy.

Have an honest conversation with these people and make sure you are clear on what you want out of them. What you want to do in life and where you want to go might not be what they want. But they should respect your choices.

Decluttering Done Then What?

Start a new chapter on this life of self-discovery. Start looking at new good habits that you can embed into your life. Simplifying life is never easy but having less is getting more time to do what really brings you joy.

  • Reading books. Make a challenge to read more.

If you follow me on Instagram You know that I read 66 books last year. This year I am aiming three books per month. Yes, it is a smaller target but something that I am comfortable and will be able to achieve I know. My friend ask how can I do it, when you have three kids, where do I get the time? I said reading 10 pages every evening will not take that much time. You will find the time when you have less things to worry when you clear your mind and are organized.

  • Socializing More. Go out, see a movie, meet a friend, have a hyggelig time.

Yes, less digital devices more face to face interactions with people. Have a date night, see your friends, have a dinner party. Just be comfortable with your friends. So much hygge on this just enjoying the moment.

  • Get Walking, Nordic walking, exercising, spending time outside

I talk about this a lot. How we Nordic people love outside life, even on the harsh winter climate. We still get out. We love walking, skiing all the things to do with snow and no matter what is the weather we know how to enjoy it.

People have become stagnant in our lives. You say it is bad weather, too hot, too cold, too wet and prefer to stay inside.

Lets just dress for the occasion and weather and let’s get going. Life is out there not inside.

There you are my pointers on how to Hygge and decluttering your life.

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