How to life your best life yet

5 Tips How to Live Your Best Life

5 Tips How to Live Your Best Life

When I returned from holidays, I felt so relaxed. It was because I know I really needed that break. But how to keep yourself on that relaxed holiday mood when you get back to your normal day routine? How to care for yourself and make sure you are making the best decision in life? That you are as relaxed and centered and that you are able to life your best life.

I thought about this and started a journal. Another good tip when you want to check on yourself just write your thoughts down. A brain dump on paper makes your mind much clearer. When I was doing this I realized there was few things that I really needed to focus on keeping myself true to my Nordic Lifestyle and simplified living. Here are my 5 tips how to live your best life.

1. Daily Self Care

Whatever it is that makes you feel good do more of that and do it more often.

  • Listen to podcast
  • Read a book
  • Take a walk
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Use essential Oils
  • Have a sauna

Whatever it is make sure it is part of your daily routine. It is time where you reconnect with yourself. You get centered and you embrace yourself and your life after you practices daily self care. The more relaxed you are the more proactive you become. Just take time to be you.

Tips how to life your best life

2. Live More Consciously Each Day

Stop walking through your life without a realizing what you are doing. Embrace and enjoy every life experiences, the good and the bad ones. Stop putting your life on hold and thinking about what-ifs. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Don’t just create a bucked list of things you want to do. Act on them. If you don’t, then they are only that: a list of dreams.

3. Connect With Nature

This is a big in Nordic Life, we love hiking, walking, just rumbling around the forest. Even the most urbanized people have a summer cottage in the country where they escape the life in the city on holidays and whenever they can. Reconnecting with nature, just listening the sounds, and smelling the pure air can be intoxicatingly relaxing and invigorating to your body. There are studies backing this up in Japanese Shrinrin Yoku that is know as forest medicine. It is know to boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure and stress, improve sleep among other things. Do you need more reasons than that to spend more time in the nature?

4. Surround Yourself with Positive

Not just positive people but positive thoughts. Be empathetic, see the life from the shoes of your friend, neighbor or someone else’s shoes. Show kindness and compassion to people around you. Believe in good and make good things for people around you. Don’t talk down on people, or on yourself. Think happy positive thoughts about yourself, life and the positivity will flow to you.

Positivity comes from being around positive people. Spend more time with people who value you, who support and respect you just the way you are. Ignore and avoid people who talk down on people and see negativity on everything they see and do. Most often they direct this towards other people as well.

How to live your best life

5. Introduce Exercise to Your Life

If you are a gym junkie, you can skip this part as you are obviously taking care of yourself. If you are like me that you go and do some for awhile and then find excuses not to go back to it? Yes, that is me. I love walking but that hard stuff on getting sweaty and really going for it. I need to be on the right space of mind to do it.

 Don’t use bad weather as an excuse not to exercise. There is no bad weather just inadequate clothing.

Nordic Saying

So go and join the gym if that is your thing. Make that walk you do a run. Go into exercise group, get a personal trainer. There are so many ways how you can introduce exercise to your daily routine and for me it just enjoying my hard-strenuous walks and making them an exercise rather than walk in the park. You, not only feel happier, you end up losing some kgs, you increase your energy levels and feel better all around.

If you want to put some of these tips in action put them to your calendar. Put a reminder on your iPhone, calendar, write it down whatever means you do it to make you remember to live your best life. The benefits of these actions will see you being a more productive, happy, healthy person. People will ask what are you doing to look and feel so happy. Share my tips with your friend so that she can start living life with less is more, simplistic Nordic way of living.

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