Hygge lifestyle without paying for it

How to get Hygge Lifestyle with a Budget

Being cozy is exactly what Hygge means. But being cozy does not necessarily mean that you need a bubble bath and champagne. No. Hygge is more about a state of mind and being comfortable with your surrounding and life as it is. It is about feeling content.

“Happy on what you have, where you are.”

When I asked about what makes you cozy from my Instagram followers @thenordicmum majority of you said you need certain things to feel cozy. I decided to go through what you my listeners have said about what is cozy and how you can have Hygge and do this without breaking the bank.

As said Hygge is a state of mind, feeling cozy, comfortable with life and where and how you are at the present time. Hygge is not about buying lots of expensive things to make you feel better. Quite the opposite.

Hygge as the Danes explain it is an art of coziness. It is about finding happiness in small everyday things.  How can you be cozy,  have Hygge in your everyday life?

  1. Music

Try having your favorite music on the background when you work, bake, or just spend time soaking up the atmosphere. It could be a podcast, or a audiobook as well.

  1. Book

Have a book to read, spent the time in your favorite spot to read and reflect. Reading a real book, not a digital version is know to be more relaxing and better for your eyes.

  1. Tea or coffee?

Hygge lifeHave a cup of coffee or tea, your favorite hot drink and get cozy under the blanket while listening to music or reading a book.

You get what the meaning of Hygge is. There is no need to buy anything to be comfortable and get Hygge to your life. It is about enjoying life and embracing life and wellbeing. If you want to you can add some of the following to your Hygge mix.

  1. Essential Oils

Those who use essential oils, swear by them. They definitely support wellbeing and being comfortable with yourself and your body. If you are new to essential oils check what there are available and go and check the smell before you buy any.

  1. Dinner with Friends

Hygge is not just being alone but spending time with your loved ones and sharing the moment of joy and being comfortable with each other. Social coziness that you share a laugh and a bite to eat. Pick up the phone and call a friend and arrange your next dinner date !

  1. Comfortable clothing

Sounds weird yes, but having comfortable clothing makes you comfortable with your surroundings. Who wants to be sitting down and relaxing if you have a tight jumper or jeans on?

So you are doing Hygge without thinking you actually are? Yes. You have Hygge in your life, you just did not have a word for it.

“You don’t need to buy anything to have Hygge in your life.”

Because all of these that I mention I bet you have already in your home.

Hygge with budget

Hygge is all about being in the moment, feeling completely relaxed and centred, letting go of the hectic world around you, either alone or with loved ones.

Hygge time in Scandinavia is enjoyed after a busy day of activities. No phones and computers allowed in those magical moments.
— Ole Henriksen, quoted in Vogue (Australia), 12 Aug. 2018


If you wondered what is the point of having Hygge or a name for your coziness. Well, we Nordics we love to give a name for things, the snow has about 20 words to describe it in Finnish. It gives feel of belonging and it is a great way to name the feeling you have.

If you are wanting to have further read about Hygge, I recommend The Little Book of Hygge, The Danish Way to Live Well  if you want to listen to another episode about Hygge check out my interview with Ingrid Opstad about Scandinavian Living  Or you can check out How to Hygge and Decluttering Your Life or How to Have Hyggelig Time with Kids?

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