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Get Happiness from Small Pleasures in Life

7 Pieces of  Happiness

How do we define happiness? It is different things for different people for sure. It can be new car, house or holiday that makes us happy. But does that happiness last? Do we crave it again and again to keep us feeling happy? For me material things do not keep lasting happiness. They are just things.

Perhap happiness is stage of mind rather than quantitative thing of how we measure happiness. If you look at kids on how they arehappy just with little things. Give them pen and paper and they are happy, they color and just creating something new makes them happy. We adults seem to have forgotten that skill how to be happy with little things.

My happiness is that I appreciate what I have and I do not want more than what I have.”

-Leon Tolstoy-

Small Things of Joy

When you look at the happiest country Finland. They happiness comes from the society collectively giving back to the people. Opening the door to someone. Random act of kindness.  Happiness is not the new car or the new holiday, it is the attitude that you have towards life. Happy people are always happy and they project that happiness towards other people as well. They see silver lining in life.

Children Teach Us Humanity and Kindness

I wanted to make my son happy and take him to Sydney, or theme park or zoo. But when I asked what he wanted to do he just wanted to have an ice lolly. Simple as that. Kids might see happiness on small gestures that adults take for granted. They might feel happy for you just looking at them driving a train or when thy ask you to look at them playing. Simple things, not big things.


Laughing makes you feel good. Think about endorfins that you release to your body. Laughing is a way to release stress. Does happier people laugh more? I like to think so. We all have different ways of feeling joy. showing joy and happiness towards other people. But if we are feeling happy and joy, we give that to other people as well.

Happy gathering

Music Makes People Happy

There was study about happiness and music.  Music can make us feel contented and can improve our health. Whether you’re performing it or listening to it, music can increase your happiness. There are studies like by Bradt & Dileo (in 2009)  confirming that music has physical effect on us. Music helped to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety in heart disease patients.  I listen podcast and music but just hearing humans voice can be soothing so there is a reason why you are listening something when you are doing a chore or excersicing.

Happy Hugs

Have you ever though about how you feel happier when you get a hug from a friend? That instant connection? I love hugging my friends. I have learned that physical touch like a hug or a gentle hold of a hand can have many effects. When I was back in Finland I got reminded on how people are not necessary used to the physical touch. My friends froze when I hugged them. It just wanted not the thing to do with some of my friends.

If you are listening this from Finland perhaps you want to take a page form book and think how new Finns can be more emotionally connected to each other and show our feeling and emotions better.

Hope you enjoyed this episode and let me know what you thought.

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