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Growing Your Business Using Instagram

Growing Your Business Using Instagram with Roberta Fairbanks

Roberta is the queen of Instagram. She started her Instagram business, where she has been launching and hosting and selling home products and Mama and baby clothing, accessories, etc.   It was very fascinating to know how it all evolved and now has a massive number of followers and a million views in a month.  Learn more from her as she will detail how she collaborates and grows her business using Instagram.

She was born and raised in Brazil.  She moved to Australia in 2007 with her husband Philip after meeting in London.  They have two kids.

Starting her Business in Instagram

Roberta never felt comfortable doing the routinary nine-to-five job.  She felt that there was more to this, paying bills, and saving a little.  She is great with coming up with new ideas, and she dreams of selling ideas to people.  It was four years ago when lots of moms are starting to make products from home and posting photos of it.  She realized she wanted to be part of this community and find her calling.  An idea came to her when she realized no one was creating a directory for moms’ businesses.  When you search for baby socks, you’ll find all the stores which sell baby socks.  She made screenshots of the baby socks she wanted to use and created an Instagram page to share those images.  And that’s how it all started.

Overwhelming Success

There was a surprising turn around that in 2-3 weeks, and she already had thousands of followers.  She thought that businesses could be featured on her page, help them get sales, and the possibility that she could start a business out of it.  She held an online event on Boxing Day in 2015 when various businesses post their products on her page.  The result was overwhelming as they sold over $70,000 in all of the businesses who joined.  From that day, her business was born.  She became an event planner, and within three months, he has over 100 businesses involved every month.  From the start of the event till December last year, they earned $2.5M.

Roberta standing front of flowers on podcast cover art

The online store became a catalog.  They did photo shoots with all the participating products and did the promotions.  It will transform into a magazine once the platform is created to click on the products.

Roberta grew  Stylished Kids (now @stylished_lab)  account to over 47 thousand followers making $70K to $180K per month on sales for mompreneurs who were participating in the catalog. The Instagram account has since then evolved to a Stylish Magazine that displays stylish deco, homes and amazing brands.  Her business means so much that it fires her passion for helping and empowering other moms to grow their businesses.

Top tips to Grow your Business on Instagram

Instagram has evolved over the years.  It is still a business, and they have to earn from it.  It is more than just a platform to post pictures and sell when they changed the algorithm.  We should work for it.  The key is to know the structure and how it works.  You need to be strategic, and you need to hustle in the hashtags.  Connect to business owners in the same space as you.  Talk every day, build relationships, build friendships and help each other grow. Get the biggest exposure possible by getting people together to promote your products and then you can also find your clients.  Get your business known.  Also, have a budget that will allow you to work with influencers, to have brand reps, to send the product to people.  Participate in photo shoots, participate in a blog or a magazine.  Get your names seen and heard over and over again.

“My strategy of growth has always been to build relationships in the niche.  Use hashtags to find these people.  And then go on to build relationships and talk to them.  And be present to them and ask for collaborations.  Get out of their comfort zone to build content.”


Roberta Fairbanks

Ending her Business to Start Another Worthwhile Journey

Her pop-up store business is great.  It allowed her to be home and comfortable but still making money out of it.  But Roberta decided to stop her business because of the increasing competition, and she thought she already accomplished so much.  It will always be her idea and even won an award and recognized for it.  Stylish Kids Australia will continue as an online magazine doing photo shoots, and they are going to hold a big edition at the end of the year.

Roberta’s online business pushed her out of her comfort zone and allowed her to go around Australia and speak to 2,000 women at events.  And how, she is ready to become a business coach and create her online academy.  She realized she wants to be more present in women’s lives other than creating content for them.

Life Goals and Personal Time

Roberta has one thing in her mind on why she founded her thriving business, and that is to come home yearly to Brazil.  And she was able to do it happily with her kids.

On her downtime, she loves to read lots of books and listen to podcasts every day.  She currently focuses topics on self-love and personal growth due to the separation from her husband.  This is her way to cope up and learn about herself.  She also has a business coach, and she never goes a month in her business life without having a coach.  They help her achieve the business mindset towards success.

To follow Roberta check her on

Website  www.thestylishlab.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the.stylishlab/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/roberta.fairbanks/

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