Year gone reflection

Reflecting on Year Gone and What is Happening Next

Reflecting on Year Gone and What Next

Did you know that I have recorded this episode quite a few times before? Reason is that my poor laptop has suffered or the water damage, my son poured water on it. I managed to save the interviews that I’ve done two separate hard drives but some of the other episodes I had to redo them. And then while I was recording them, I also kind of had a moment of thinking that what I want to do next year. I was already thinking what I’m going to podcast next year. If you know me, if you’ve been following me in the social media like Instagram, the Nordic Mom, you would know that my younger one is five and staring school next year.

What is Happening Next?

I made the decision that during the school holidays, I won’t be doing any podcasting. I just want to spend time with my kids with my sons and with my young one, particularly before he starts to school. He’s quieter and I’m just want to be there for him. So I’ve decided that when I come back middle of February, I will only to every other week episodes every other week, rather than every week. I might come into special bonus episodes on those weeks off, but I won’t be doing scheduled episodes until every other week.

More Themed Episodes

I also will be doing more themed episode so let’s say I have three episodes about Scandinavian design or have something on cinema architecture or traveling in the Scandinavian countries, the Nordic countries, so I have that kind of episodes in the planning.

Now it is Christmas. We should be enjoying and celebrating. Episode 74 and there’s the episode 37 where I talk about my Christmas the year before as well if you’re interested, but Episode 74 a day what’s seven surprising ways to celebrating Christmas? Last year I did a big episode about goals. I am not going to do goals but I just want to reflect on my podcasting and what it means to me.

In the reflection I would go back to Episode 52 where I kind of redefined his podcast what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted to do is talk about Scandinavia woman about their journeys, their lives and about that happy, healthy living Scandinavian way. It was redefining all of this. I’m so grateful for all my listeners, all those little messages you have sent to me. Whether it’s Twitter, whether it’s instagram, facebook, wherever you are, and I know there’s a lot of you in the US. So happy holidays for you because there and you a lot of you In Europe, in UK and Finland and Germany, and Gosh, lots of great places.

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Year gone

Reflecting on Year Gone

Reflecting on this year 2019 gone I had a product business which I closed and I’ve been selling and a process of selling it.  I fell in out of love it as my sone who started school needed me more than I anticipated. I just knew that I could not I could not split myself on pieces and being in different places at different times and I wanted to be there for my my son. What have I learned from this is that you need to get your priorities right. It is so busy life is busy and there’s a lots of things that can distract us from what we do in our day to day living.

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Get your priorities right from the beginning, what matters you your time with your family and your friends and with your kids and time that you spend, you know, investing on you like listening podcasts or reading books. What changes are coming in and what we doing is like we also going to renovate our house next year so recording podcast will be interesting experiment. We spent lots of time in London, Scotland, Finland on our month away and It made me realize that I am truly a Finn inside out.

Reflection Number Two 

Reflection number two,  that I’m still that same person internally when I left Finland 1999 that is a long time ago. I still Value those Finnish values about equality and education and how you can have a good life with little bit less, planning and just living the moment.

It was nice to kind of reconnect that side of, my myself with the culture and the nature and Finland. That was awesome and share those moments with my kids and my husband was just priceless.

The Third Reflection

The hird thing is also that you can’t please everybody. There’s a saying that

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 You should be true to yourself and what you want to do, where you want to go in life and be that something to somebody, not just try to please everybody around you try to please yourself first and be happy with yourself, be content, who you are and what you want to achieve in life. My watershed moment was when I realised people resonated with the Scandinavian part of me and the podcast.

Don’t just be stalemate and stay where you are. But try something new. If it doesn’t work, you try something different. Putting those doubts out of my mind and opening myself for opportunities and just realizing it’s enough of what I do. I don’t need to lift the bar any higher because I’m okay I’m comfortable what I’m doing  I’m where I want to be. Where is podcasting journey is going to take me I don’t know yet but I’m looking forward to, continue sharing the Scandinavian living and the Nordic lifestyle with you guys.

Digital Detox is Good for You

Social media It’s been one of those things that I’ve been really concentrating on Twitter so if you are there you find me @nordicmumpodcas and that’s where I’ve been hanging out most of my time nowadays. And during these holidays, I’m just gonna take a little bit detox and I will be there, but I won’t be responding and being as present because I think we all need a break. Just putting the phone away putting the laptop away and just living the moment and that’s what this Nordic Life life is about. Living the moment enjoying the moment and just being there for your family and friends.

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