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Clean Living Lifestyle with Small Steps

Clean living lifestyle is living more simply, less processed foods, consuming fewer products that can be harmful to nature, or human.

In Scandinavia we are better on cooking from scratch, using more healthy alternatives like rye, seeds, berries, and mushrooms that you can pick from the forest.  We have more toxic-free products in the supermarkets, something that I am missing living in Australia. However, I have combined my tips on what you can do to have a happy healthy clean-living lifestyle.


It’s about choosing whole foods and ingredients, as well as products that are as minimally processed and additive-free as possible.  Your own choice on what is clean, and what you end up consuming. More whole goods, muffins with wholemeal flour instead of white flower. Eating more vegetable, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Limiting snacks, sweets, and packaged processed foods.

    1. Limit or eliminate preservatives and additives
    2. Remove foods with added sugars
    3. Avoid fast food
    4. Replace foods with high levels of bad fats (all trans/some saturated) with monounsaturated like olive oils
    5. Use more refined grains and avid process sugars

Implementing the Clean Living Lifestyle

Simple tricks you can use to make sure you are on track for Clean Living Lifestyle. Replacing white flour with wholemeal bread, or homemade bread. Replacing white rice with brown or red cargo rice. Instead of buying lemonade as treat, make your own from lemons. Bake your own bread with wholemeal flour and nuts and seeds.

Start thinking about what you consume and how you a with small changes make a difference. Other tips are using local co-op, farmers market, buying in bulk. Bulk buying when possible is cheaper as well. Using your own bags when buying vegetables example.

Get label savvy, check on what is in the yoghurt you buy, how much sugar, fat. Is the honey you get natural or replicate?  Start cooking your own foods. Start making your own oven chips, why buy packed from supermarket?

Limiting Technology

Yes you heard me. Limiting time, you spent on a computer, screen time, the mobile phone you name it. Instead replace these with healthier habits like reading a real book, (no kindle).  Taking a walk in the forest, beach. Getting out and being active with your kids. Play a board game.

Setting times of the day when no mobile / ipads are on sight.  Just live with your kids the everyday life that you ought to. Spent time with family, bake, cook, clean, read, sow whatever makes you happy.

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Simple Beauty Regime

To change these habits are hard as we might have been using the same products for years. But have we ever thought about what the products contain? Have you read the labels? I had not until I started to investigate them more carefully.

My favourite is vegan skincare brand Paudha Healing as that is organic, vegan and toxic-free. I also use Lumene that is a Finnish brand well loved and liked where they use sustainable products that are sourced in Finland, no animal testing and the products are vegan-friendly and paraben-free.

Simply start replacing one product at the time. Same goes to your shampoo and conditioner. When you run out next just start looking at what you can replace it with that is not full with products that you would not want to put into your skin or hair. Look alternatives like a shampoo bar by Biome and see how you can clean your hair without your favorite shampoo as well as with shampoo bar.

Cleaning products

This is a biggie in our house. My husband loves to make everything ‘clean’ of germs with strong chemicals. To be more Clean Living Lifestyle you need to review this one.

However, I use a few drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil with 1/3 or white vinegar and 2/3 or water. I use this to clean surfaces, however, if you are not into creating your own there are plenty of alternative products that are not processed and have harmful chemicals.

Studies show that vinegar is left more than 60 seconds on the surface is as effective on killing those germs as any product from the supermarket shelf. You can try for example Ecostore brand that is in the supermarkets as well.

Replacing Plastic

How can we survive without plastic? Plastic packaging, wipes, food wraps how can we do without them? I use beeswax wraps on our sandwiches. Instead of plastic bags. I buy whole foods so that they are already packed eco-friendly. Or if I go to the supermarket I have my reusable bags (mesh net type) that I can put my vegetables in. Instead of wipes can we use cloth wipes that are reusable and washable.

It is hard to think about what we are doing to our environment, food and ourselves with all this plastic but we need to do better. There are lots of alternatives out there. You just need to find them. There was an article recently that talked about the amount plastic we consume daily from water and food. The amount was the size of a credit card.

You can purchase Lumene Products from this link. This is an affiliate link, where you won’t pay any extra however I may earn a small commission for the product sale. This helps to keep the costs of the blog and podcast production low.

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