Why Mindset Matters in Business by Lindsay Joseph

Talking all things mindset. I had a pleasure talking to Lindsay Joseph about her journey as head of her own business the My Greater Now. Lindsay has carved a career as a coach, finished her Ph.D. and raising up her two boys as a single mother all while working to grow her business. Lindsay provides guidance and advice for entrepreneur, mindset development and gaining clarity on business mindset as part of her services.

We talked about what is the entrepreneur mindset that you should be aware of. How to get rid off mindset blocks when you have them. Lindsay says that women typically start a business with a higher level of education than men. We are expected to work at home and be a domestic goddess as well. We require a social network behind us to succeed. We talked about work-life balance and how this masters our success as entrepreneurs. We are expected to be perfect mother and work and have these roles that we cover.

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Can you have it all? Lindsay agrees that your support system and people around it can help you. Having systems in place, for example cleaner that comes once a week that will keep you more productive. When you have children, it is important that they understand what you do and that you need to be able to have family time with them. Have fulfilled time on whatever you do, what is necessity what you need rather than want in life. A good place to start talking and looking at how you delegate things in your life. Be fulfilled on what you do, being fulfilled in your work life leads to your personal life and happiness. When you run a small business, automation how you can save money and time in the long run and delegating is important. Having systems in place to support will enable you to concentrate on your business further.

Lindsays Tops Tips for Starting as Entrepreneur 

  • Transferable skills, what you already know. How you use those skills to upskills yourself.
  • Who are you serving, who are your demographic? Have you decided on your avatar? What does your client, demographics look like? What you know about the people you want to serve.
  • Your digital branding is important, have a quality website as this is your calling card. Make sure that you have services and things ready. Don’t just rely on social media as something that you can grow a sustainable business from.

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