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How to Start Your Product Business by Sumi Mayadunne

Motherhood did not come easily Sumi admits. Being an organized person that is the accountant Sumi talking she was having a difficult time to have her life organized and more so her mum bag after having her two boys. She realized that she cannot find anything in her bag or cannot find a bag that is designed to mums. Her creative side took over and Last Berry Bag Organiser was born. Simplifying mom life and motherhood for new parents and how to cope with baby became Sumi’s passion.

Sumi talks about staying at home after her second son was born, how they struggled the parenting juggle with her husband working on shift work and why she made the decision to be a stay at home mom for now.

Sumi and I talked about role models for new mothers, how parenting can be seen appealing as “celebrity” mothers look like they have not given birth as they have the support network and finances to take care of themselves.

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Getting her product out

Sumi tested her business idea Last Berry Bag Organiser with her friends on mothers’ group and had lots of positive feedback and she knew that this idea would be a great as a business. She designed a few prototypes and got the product manufacturer to produce the physical samples for her to test and finally approve the manufacturing. She does state that this all took over six months and that if she would have known how long this was going to take she might not have done it.

Many women that I have interviewed have given me the same answers. It is a long distance run, not short distance sprint to start and run a successful business.

Top three tips on starting a business from Sumi is

    • If you have a dream; go for it.
    • Make sure you have strong WHY when you start your business. In her case helping mums. Always take action. Perfect will never come. Take imperfect action.
    • Launce before you are ready. It is never too late to change career or learn a new skill. If you have a dream just go for it.

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