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8 Tips on How to Market Your Podcast Better

8 Tips on How to Market Your Podcast Better

Podcasting is getting its share of fame these days. Business owners, coaches, marketers, influencers, to name a few are joining in the bandwagon. Why so? Besides being it’s a trend these days, everyone realizes you’ll get a wider reach of audience. What blogging alone cannot capture, you can do with podcasting.  It’s your radio channel where you can talk out there to your heart’s content.

I already covered podcasting in Episode 31 entitled How to Start a Podcast and Episode 43 Behind The Scenes Of Podcasting World By Karly Nimmo. This episode is for you as an added resource if you are seriously thinking that podcasting may not be for you, or what you can do if no one is listening to your podcast, or asking where even to start marketing the podcast.  Listen on, and oh, you wouldn’t want to miss everything I discussed.

8 tips for marketing your podcast

8 Tips on How to Market Your Podcast Better

Know your avatar and niche.

Be very clear before you start your podcast. Assuming that you have a sewing business, and you want to start talking about sewing. That would mean your audience will be people who are interested in sewing or people who are curious about the techniques to sew. Those are the people who you will target and are more likely to listen to you. And your niche would likely fall in the arts and crafts thing.

Know where your audience hangs out.

This is very important since you need to know where to talk to your audience. Regardless of the social media platform, find them.

 Know what you are going to tell your audience and how to reach them.

Once you release your podcast, you would need to market it. Post details of your podcast on your social media accounts. That’s where you can reach out to your customers, your clients, your listeners, and get them to join into your email list.  If you already have an email list, send it out.  Talk to your audience and make them interested.

 Have a Call to Action (CTA)

On that email list, you should have a Call to Action to ask people to subscribe to either iTunes, Google, Stitcher or any channel.  The more people subscribed to your podcast, the better it is for your ranking and your reviews, etc.

Get on all social media channels

Send in your podcast out on those channels that your avatar hangs out. If you follow me, the Nordic Mum, here’s what I do to promote my podcast every day for a week:

  • MondayI send my podcasts out, and I’ll post a teaser of the audio in my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  I explain about the episode a little bit on my captions.  Use hashtags.
  • Tuesday Repurpose your content. Rather than just resending the same audio clip all over again, create a new caption. Talk about something around the subject.  You might want to talk around new techniques in sewing that you mentioned in the podcast. And then use different hashtags.
  • Wednesday Get last week’s episode or one of the most popular episodes you have in the past month or the previous six months, best six episodes or whatever you want to call it. And do that as a theme for the day.
  • Thursday Since you already mentioned about the techniques in sewing, maybe you can touch the topic on why people sew? Why are people into sewing and why it’s on the rise?
  • FridayHave funny quotes mentioned in the podcast laid out on different artwork designs. Post them on Instagram stories, Facebook and Pinterest and capture your audience’s interest more.
  • Saturday and SundayContinue what you’ve started until you think it’s time to do something else. Because the whole week has been about sewing, sewing machine, sewing techniques, and why people started sewing.  Now, it’s time to move on to the next episode that will be released on Monday.


Some people repurpose their podcast by showing the transcript of the episode. So, if people don’t want to listen to it, they can read it through the transcript of the whole conversation.  Some podcasters opt to have a blog post out of the episode, which is what I recommend.

Make sure the blog post is short, snappy, smart, and has all the relevant information.  Your choice of doing transcription or blog post is dependent on your audience.  If they want to read the full transcript, do it.  Otherwise, have a blogpost.

 Share your episode with your guest’s audience too.

Make it clear with your guest that you expect them to share your episode too with their audience and their social media accounts. Your guest’s audience may be different from yours, that’s why it’s essential that you also promote your podcast to them.  Share the links, artworks, audio clips, and all the information relevant to that episode.

 Don’t get desperate if you don’t get immediate success.

Lots of podcasters stop when they don’t get instant success. It might get you years or months to get thousands of downloads.  It can be challenging but certainly doable.  You just have to work hard.  I’ve been listening to the most successful podcasts, and they know who they are talking about.

They know what they are doing, and they know that you’re listening to them.  They have something to tell and to teach their audience, and they want to share it.

 Good podcasters are consistent with their message.

They are consistent in coming out the same day and time whenever the episode comes out.

Everything you have to get your podcast up has been laid out here.  The next question is, when will you do it?  Well, the best time to do it is now.  Got more questions?  Message me, and I’ll be happy to share with you what I know about podcasting.


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