Taking Small Steps to Grow Your Business by Lisa Corduff

Lisa Corduff is a food blogger, podcaster, presenter, and mother. She started looking in the ingredients in the packages and thinking, should I give this to my children?  And off she started blogging sharing recipes and tips on how you can do small steps change in your life.  She jumpstarted an amazing 21-day food challenge, turned it into an e-course and made money for this business. Small Steps Living had since turned into a podcast, video, YouTube channel, webinar, and much more.  Lisa is all about switching up our mindset in achieving a simpler and healthier life one step at a time.

It All Started with Choosing Whole Foods

Lisa’s kids were a catalyst for her into the world of food because she thought about what is right to feed her children. She sees that eating more whole foods is beneficial for her family in the future.  Hence, she chose actual food instead of food from packets.  She underwent gradual change, taking one step at a time since it is difficult to change habits, especially with foods.  This mindset rooted from her background working in behavior change in the sustainability space before she had kids, and she knew that the best way to create sustained behavior change was not to go from zero to hero.

The Road to Small Steps Living

When her second child was born, they moved to a new city. Then she started a blog and realized that simple food made from simple ingredients that kids ate is something that so many people wanted. Her Facebook page grew interestingly with audiences beyond friends and family.  She admits to being not an expert on any field, but she considers herself as a mom who was trying to do her best to feed a family but ended up doing things differently for everybody.

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“Do not try to change everything overnight. Go slow, and changes will stick.

If you want to change your life, you’ve got to change your habits.”

 Lisa Corduff



In 2014, Lisa created an online program called Small Steps to Whole Foods and helped and served her community in all sorts of different ways, mostly about mindset. It’s never really about the food.  For her, teaching is about what’s going on in our mind. It is about how we set up our lives. She helps them simplify their lives, eat good food starting with breakfast, switch up their mindset, and stop beating themselves up all the time.

Because if you hate yourself, you are not going to eat well. Ninety per cent of what you would do every day would be a mental habit, where a lot of our food habits lie.  But if we are not aware of that, then we can’t change it. If you want to change your life, you have to change your habits.

The 21-Day Challenge Turned E-Course

In the beginning, her business was definitely about the food and recipes.  She constantly thinks, what do I need to change?  What do I need to do? She just kept on having different ideas, and it was not until she ran a 21-day foods challenge, which she announced two months after her third baby was born. The branding was done with the expertise of her friend Alisa who has a business called Flourish Online. They announce it on her Facebook page with a sign-up form to gather email addresses, and all else happened on Mailchimp. Her Facebook followers, five hundred people, signed up and raved for the challenge.  And so, she turned it into an e-course, called Small Steps to Whole Foods, and it became her signature product for two and a half years.

  Scaling her Business

Lisa loves new ideas and is committed to growing the business that it did not bother her to pay other people and earn less than them to get the company to a critical point. Outsourcing is the best thing when you find great people who do better work than you in their area. A business needs planning, but it is looking for opportunities to create transformation for her community, which is the sole purpose of her marketing.

Business maturity is about knowing what we do best and focusing on it. Delegate and get people to help on the areas that are not our strength. You need to have a unique mechanism and a one-time thing you do that no one else is doing. Many people don’t realize that what is most personal is the most general because people are connecting with whatever feels personal.

That is why including ourselves in our marketing is one of the most effective strategies. Lisa stated two different types of tipping points: your products or services always have to be some element of urgency, and second, people need a reason to provide.

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