How Re Branding Can Be a Good Thing by Angela Sibley

Talking to lovely Angela from Ever So Homely was such a treat. She has transformed her Instagram account (over 20K followers) to an income stream and she has recently been in national television showing on how to transform your spaces. We sat down with Ange and talked about her journey how she got started and why her brad Ever So Homely has taken the decorating and organization world by storm. She recently rebranded and has been able to re-energize and move her brand with determination and speed towards her goals. Her first magazine feature is coming up, just showing what determination and hard work really can bring to you.

On her family and career

Angela is a mother to 3 children, four-year-old twin girls, and a 22 months old baby.  She started in hand making business, redecorating their home, organizing her life, and began sharing her everyday life on her social channels.  With the help of her supportive husband, Angela structures her schedule to focus time to work and to spend quality time with her family.

 How she started with blogging

Angela finds most of his audience on Instagram with a significant following of 20,000 people.  This overwhelming growth is attributable to her being completely genuine in sharing what she knew with her audience. Angela decided to focus on blogging, and to her audience, and what she wanted to share with them even if she did not make a dime. It is vital to listen to your audience, and keeping an eye on your traffic as well as the type of questions that triggers people to reach out to you.

Instagram Growth

In Instagram, she always has done a little bit an IGTV, but this year she tried to focus on at least weekly or fortnightly how-to videos which supports a blog or a post that she has done. She gives them extra information on what she’s doing.  When she notices that interaction levels with her audience drop, she tries to mix up things.  And that’s where the engagements increased incredibly five times even without using a hashtag. For Angela, a great way to share is to teach your audience and gain trust from them. And this is a way to nurture your market and your audience even if you’re not getting income from writing these contents.

Angel Libley from Every So Homely on Nordic Mum Podcast Episode 53

Monetizing a Blog post

Angela didn’t make money out of her blogging when she was starting, and it brought her amazing opportunities.  Had she monetized them, doing affiliate marketing is one option, where she can create an original blog post or write contents based on photos or stories of businesses who reached out to her.  It’s like producing business on their behalf.

She also stressed the importance of professional pictures which may be needed in interviews, or on another media stuff.  Having an e-book is another income stream.  After 12 months of figuring what she wanted, Angela initially launched some products, labels, organizational levels to help with the corporate side of things.

She does one on one help of transforming spaces in other people’s homes as well. Angela also has digital products and downloadable checklists and puts up her website that sells on its own. She has also paid engagements from PR companies reaching out to her to write contents.  That is where her income stream grew. She has various ways that she can help businesses and work with them as well.

Advice to her old self

When she was 18 years old, Angela didn’t like writing.  She was playing soccer and got injured and realized she should have a backup plan.  If she had the chance to start again, it would mean planning her business model a little bit better, and spend a lot more on branding, training, and knowing what she needed to start the business.

 Top mindset tips for moms and entrepreneurs

Angela said that there will always be trials in running a business and at the same time being a mother to your children. But do not beat yourself up because you’ll end getting frustrated and upset.  Just keep learning, and do the best that you could with what you are doing. Have a rest day, learn to adapt, and be focused.

In setting up space, it is crucial to have a clear idea in mind of what you like, and you have to feel it. You have to be motivated and keep moving forward. Take your time, do not make rush purchases, decide on a color theme or a statement piece. In business, it is essential to know first exactly what you want to do, who you want to serve, and what message you want to deliver to serve that audience perfectly.


“Know first exactly what you want to do and who you want to save and what message do you want to deliver.

And that way you can serve that audience perfectly.”

– Angela Sibley

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