Episode 44 Running a Million Dollar Business from Home By Natasha Stewart – The Nordic Mum
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Episode 44 Running a Million Dollar Business from Home By Natasha Stewart

Do you have an idea of business? Not sure what direction you want to go? Or too many business ideas and you just don’t know how to start your own business? My next guest knows all about setting up your own business. She has done it few times herself and runs a million dollar Business Jump helping mothers to make their dreams reality and setting up their own businesses comfort of her own home.

Natasha is a mother of two and she started Business Jump 2015 after she was fired from her corporate job when returning to work from maternity leave. She has been very open and honest with her struggle with Post Natal Depression and how she has burned out by the demands of being a mother and running a successful business. I have been following Natasha and her journey for a while and was excited to have her in my podcast to tell more about her journey.

Natasha Stewart with her kids

We Discussed

-Keeping things simple when starting up your business, what about planning was done by Natasha about her business.
-Importance of mindset getting it right before you start. Mindset is everything Natasha says.
-Automation of processes in your business so that you can scale and grow your business further
-Continuing education of yourself through books, podcasts, mentor, business coaches

You can follow Natasha in

Website: https://businessjumpco.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/businessjump
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/remarkablebusinessmums
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/business_jump/

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