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What is Naturopathy and How it Can Benefit Your Life

What are Naturopathy Benefits?

The use of alternative medicines such as naturopathy is gaining traction in the past years and continue to do so these days. With the fast-paced life we live in today’s modern world, and the multi-tasking tasks that we do, getting things done took a toll on our body’s natural ability to respond well to life’s stressors.

Naturopathy Benefits

And lots of us turn to natural ways to seek healing which is called Naturopathy. Wikipedia defines Naturopathy as “a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of pseudoscientific practices branded as “natural,” “non-invasive,” and as promoting “self-healing.”

And what better way to understand this form of alternative medicine is to talk to an expert and a practitioner in holistic mind and body medicine.  Vesna Hrsto is a Naturopath, Coach, Mind-body Medicine Specialist, and Speaker.  She’s been practicing naturopathy for the past fifteen years.  Get to know her more, Naturopathy, the ill effects of burnout, exhaustion, fatigue and the lifestyle changes you should take to avoid them in our meaningful discussion below.

Who are Naturopaths?

A Naturopath helps people with illnesses or conditions using natural therapies, which are a combination of diet, lifestyle, and herbal medicine.

How does Naturopathy complement with modern medicine? 

I run the medication in our program.  So, you have to complement that with modern medicine.  And some doctors are more open and work with naturopathy.

What is the difference between Naturopathy and Homeopathy?

Naturopathy works on the physical side, using herbal medicine and nutrition to shift and heal the body physically.  Homeopathy, on the other hand, works on an energetic level.  I don’t prescribe Homeopathy in my work.  You have to understand the different personality types of each person and the kind of remedy you will apply.  So, it’s a different way of treating.

Buh-Bye Burnout Program

It’s for the busy and burned out women.  Being burned out is not only the case of getting more rest and do those good things for the body.  I found out that when a woman is burned out or has adrenal fatigue, there are specific systems in the body that needs to be rebalanced to have gain energy and to sleep better and balance the mood.

A lot of burnout symptoms look like depression and anxiety that needs to be adjusted as well. It’s a very holistic program – mind, body, medicine, progress. We’re not only looking at nutrition and lifestyle, but also, we have to know the cause and examine what needs to change in your body system.

Vesna sitting on sofa

What are the sign and symptoms of exhaustion? 

A common symptom is going to bed tired and waking up tired.  And going through the day, feeling like you never had enough sleep.  Some women feel tired when they come home from work or when getting kids ready to bed.  A lot of fatigue is not relieved by sleep or by a weekend.  Some women might find they’re working more in their business but getting less done.

They have brain fog, so they forget things – getting appointments, beginning names, or getting to pick up their kids from school.  It’s like a shiny object syndrome.  Because the mental concentration isn’t there, women will start things and not finish them.  There’s no clarity and mental performance to finish things.

What is the difference being exhausted and tired?

When you say burnout, it’s fatigue, and it’s not relieved by rest.  Women who are burned out still feel tired and feel like they never had enough sleep.  Other symptoms are moodiness, irritability, anxiety, low mood, and depression indicate burn out.  And basically, the big five I see are fatigue, anxiety, low mood or depression, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)-like hormonal symptoms, and weight gain.

How to avoid getting burnout?

It’s important to eat early in the morning, within 20 minutes of waking up. It will give you more energy during the day and will prevent anxiety.  When we wake up, our sugar levels are very low.  And if we drink coffee in an empty stomach, and run around for the next couple of hours, we’re initiating a stress response.

Stress Hormone

The stress hormones will break down muscle tissue to provide glucose.  The whole process will make us more stressed, more prone to anxiety and overwhelmed, and also, gaining weight.  That’s why having breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but it is also vital in healing exhaustion and burn out.

What lifestyle changes should you make to treat your burn out? 

I recommend going to bed earlier because sleep is like a magic pill.  Our self-healing system is activated, and our body can heal quickly.  But unfortunately, women, particularly moms, go to bed late because they put the kids to bed first.  Then, they’ll have this “me” time when they drink a glass of wine while watching tv.  That is not “me” time, that is zoning out time.

To refine that, look at sleep as your “me” time instead.  Because when you wake up feeling so much better, you can do more things when you have energy and mental balance.  I recommend going to bed at 9:30 PM or 10:00 PM.

Also, avoid social media and other distractions in the evening to prepare your body to sleep because being in social media and using devices keeps the brain awake and stimulated.

How to set your mind to prepare to go to sleep early? 

Start winding down to prepare you to sleep.  Set the alarm 30 minutes before sleeping to remind yourself to wind down.  You can also dim the lights, get off with the devices, have a cup of tea, sit down, relax, or consciously slow down your body.  If you’re going to read, choose materials that are relaxing and will not require your brain to work.

 Lessons Learned From Her Own Burnout Story 

For example, I went through burnout for five years and had a drastic negative effect on my business as I had anxiety and felt completely exhausted.  I was not loving my business anymore and not getting the results I wanted.  It was a crossroads of my life.

My experience became an eye-opener, and I realized that stress has to be looked at and addressed.  I suffered from food allergies, bloating, and couldn’t eat anything.  I gained weight despite not eating very much and I also lost lots of hair.

How she came out winning?

I recommend a beautiful book called The Joy of Burn Out by Dr. Dina Glouberman.  Through this book, I realized that burnout is a gift because of the many symptoms that our body is asking to look at and also contemplate on what’s going on with our lives.  Check yourself.  Are you still happy with what you’re doing?  What needs to change?  Unfortunately, we don’t slow down enough to do that. And that’s why our body brings on those symptoms.


Exhaustion is a perfect one to slow you down and then when you burn out, and you’ve got lots of time to check in and think because you can’t do much of anything else.  The author said in this book that when we don’t pay attention to what’s not working in our life and the direction that we’re going, but we persist, our soul withdraws its energy from what we’re doing and then we, it ends up in exhaustion and burnout. And it’s the way that our body and the way that our life helps us to realign to where we need to be.

What’s next for Vesna?

I am doing a six-month transformative coaching program with a US-based coach.  I’m also planning to work with women on a deeper level like lifestyle changes and making it easier for them.

Advice to a young woman who wants to start her own business

My success was due to my persistence in life.  I never stopped and kept going on even if things don’t work out well at times.  Great ideas are amazing, but it won’t look amazing in the beginning.  As long as you can hold to what you want to do and with your intention and keep moving forward, keep taking the steps, then you’ll eventually get to where you want to get to do.  Don’t use those obstacles to pull you off track.


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