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Building Successful Blogging Business Around Your Life

Building Successful Blogging Business Around Your Life

The back story of Vicki Psarias

When we got to together it was a little bit intimidating. As award-winning author of the Honest Mum blog, I consider Vicki Psarias as one of those who have made it in the blogging world. She has built a successful blogging business around her family. If you read her book Mumboss, it explains her journey through motherhood to reinventing herself as a blogger, influencer and mumboss with a message of how she succeeded in building her successful blogging business around her life.

In 2010 after Vicky had been through a traumatic birth, her ambitions changed from being a director to the realities of raising a child and starting her award-winning blog Honestmum. After being behind the camera she was directing herself on camera for her vblog and social media. This successful mommy blog has created another career for Vicki and we talked about her life, parenting and building a successful business around her busy life as a mother of two.

Vicki Psarias Blogging business

How to Your Blog Seen 

Vicki advises that you need to be consistent and not to give up. If you write, the success will follow and people will come and find you.

“Anyone with a commitment to keep learning, improving can be successful online.”

To succeed you need to read widely blogs and books. But more so, you need to learn and you need to live to be able to write about things. You have to have a technical understanding about how the platform you use works. These are not difficult things to learn but you need to understand some technical things to succeed.

People want to learn, relate and find the information useful. “As creatives, we should not be too concerned about the numbers” Vicki explains. It should be about the bigger picture and thinking of what the reader can get out of this. Talking about human experience and connecting with people that way.

“When you serve everyone, you serve no one.”

Seth Godin

We all have self-doubt Vicki adds. Being creative comes down to being comfortable with yourself and sharing your thoughts. It is not always going to be pleasant and that is okay. More you share, the more comfortable you come with it and you need to get on a habit of not being scared of being scared.

What Mindset Shifts Vicki Had to Experience to be in front of the Camera

Vicky Psarias successful blogging career

Vicki had always aimed to be in front of the camera and at a younger age she wanted to act. Her passion for acting stayed but she found directing more challenging. Vicki felt shifting between being in front of the camera and creating content was easy for her. She has not shied away from being on camera but she admits to having days like anyone else when she does not want to share her life on camera and being vulnerable.

Having a great work-life balance helps a lot when you are navigating on and off-camera life. Vicki says being on live TV is one thing she loves doing. She gets a buzz out of being on set, talking about things that matter and advocating about important things like children’s rights, letting kids be kids.

The Moment That Stands Out to Vicki as a Blogger

Being nominated to a Brit Mum Awards 2010 in the fresh voice category was a catalyst for a change. This made Vicki realize that her voice mattered, and she was able to direct and get back on set. As things evolved, she realized she was able to support herself and earn more money on her new blogging career and build a business out of it.

Vicki did not win the award 2010 but just being nominated was enough to give her the confidence and morale boost to keep writing.

Sharing her mom blog as a director with her peers made her nervous.  Being a new mom and directing this new career might have jeopardized her future in the industry. However, she has went on interviewing people on television, music industry and film stars like Kim Cattrall. Interview that she says was a career highlight. Vicki would like to combine her careers directing and producing a feature film would be a dream come true.

Writing Mumboss the Book

Scandinavian Deco

It was a tough and really hard time in her life. As she had full-time job blogging and looking after her kids, the only time to write was between 10pm to 3am. She was more on survival than thriving mode. And having personal issues, like a family member who was severely ill, made the writing experience even harder.

Although writing was hard, she loved it and was happy that she wrote the book. Getting messages about how the book has helped people in their lives made it all worth her while.

Writing another book would be lovely but sharing and promoting Mumboss the book takes her time for now.

Interesting New Projects Coming to Vicki This Year

Vicki is launching a new project towards the end of the year. A new business with another business mother she met in Creative Women Network in Facebook. This new business is passion of hers and will help a lot of other women and she cannot wait to release this later this year.

Vicki’s take on Scandinavia

Ikea is a big thing in her house and she likes the pretty but practical approach these items have. Vicki says she loved her time in Finland, Artic circle, and she got a taste of the Kardashian lifestyle by being flown out there by a brand on a chartered plane.

Vicki says the vast openness, nature without people made her the biggest impact. Being on this fairyland, a magical place that had not been spoiled by over-commercializing. Vicki raved about the simple but flavorsome food, decor and style.

She even tried swimming on snow when you roll in the snow after a hot sauna. Very invigorating and energizing she says, and the whole experience reminded her of how complex we make our lives when simple things can be the best things in life.

Connect with Vicki Psarias

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You can buy Mumboss the book here or check out the Creative Women’s Network here. Please note that the amazon link is affiliate link that will provide small commission to me if you buy the book with no extra costs to you.

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