Katja Presnal with book

Lifting Female Entrepreneurs with Big Rich Money

I have been following Katja Presnal on socials for a while now. Having her as a gust to my podcast was such a treat. Her journey starts in 1997 when she meets her American helicopter pilot husband and decides to move to the US to be with him. Katja has since lived in four different countries and has three adult children now and returned to Finland few years ago.

While living in the US she started her eCommerce business and blog Skimbaco. This blog allowed Katja to work with big brands such as Walmart when blogging was still in its infancy. Katja is retelling her story and journey when she left Finland and why she came back.

She has recently also written a book with her business best friend Candice Kilpractic Brathwaite called Big Rich Money: How To Turn Your Business Intentions Into A Profitable Company Katja has also done the Finnish version of the book and audio file as well. Talking about being busy year for her.

I could not wait to dig on deep on her journey and yes we had to talk about Tom Cruise as well. Listen to find out why.

Katja Presnal with book

There is Never a Good Time to Succeed in Life

In this Interview with Katja Presnal, we talked

-About Leaving Finland and what made her move to US
-Culture shock when moving to US and what were the cultural differences
-Why they returned to Finland after so many years
-How she has adjusted to her new life in Finland and why her family wanted to more there
-Why she was shocked by the sexism and racism in society in the professional life
-Talking about Skimbaco her e-commerce business and blogging and how it took her to places
-Turning her blogging as storytelling and making it a career
-Why she wrote the Big Rich Money book in English and in Finnish and what is the purpose
-Why women are comparing themselves to men and where does holding themselves back comes from
-How Tom Cruise got her business Skimbaco gift basket to his kitchen table
-How Walmart was her first big client that she helped on their
-Her support and championing female entrepreneurs  through Big Rich Money and Insider Society
-Living and staying in Finland and how she is visioning her life going forward

Big Rich Money

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Instagram: @KatjaPresnal

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