Best Books about Nordic lifestyle

Best Books about Nordic Lifestyle

I get asked lots of times what are the best books about the Nordic lifestyle? What should I read to understand the Nordic life and culture better?

Well here are my recommendation of books to read. They are the best books about Nordic Lifestyle out there. They explain a lot about us people from the north and answer some of the questions you might have. I have read them in recent months. Some I have read twice. That is how good they are.

These six books I have selected look into how the Nordic lifestyle is lived. There are cute pictures, recipes, and explanations of words in these books. How the parenting in today’s world would benefit more Nordic approach. Where the Nordic lifestyle comes from, how we explain ourselves to foreigners. How you can live more rounded, slow life in tune with nature.

Best Books about Nordic lifestyle

Best Book About Nordic Lifestyle You Want to Read

The Nordic Theory of Everything- I Search of a Better Life

This book by Anu Partanen, a journalist and writer has received lots of press and for a good reason. Anu, who was living in the US when she wrote this book was even quoted by Berni Sanders.

In her book Anu reviews the Nordic lifestyle model against the US way of life. She explains how US could adopt this style of more freedom and independence to its citizen. The book has been a huge success and I recommend this as understanding the Nordic way of life. It is word-heavy I warn you but well worth the read.

In the book Anu Partanen wrote about adopting Nordic Life :

To provide the opportunity to live a healthy, safe, economically secure, upwardly mobile life for everyone.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Weiking

Hygge book about Nordics

If you want to learn about the cozy Nordic lifestyle then this is the ultimate book for it. Meik Weiking is a happiness professor, head of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. In his book Meik explains how Danish society looks about life through hygge.

The concept of being happy and content with life. He demonstrates how you can have this happy content life wherever you are. There are examples of recipes, how to hygge at home. Lovely pictures and explanation of everything hygge.If you are looking to Hygge your life, give a Meik Wiking a go.


Sisu- The Finnish art of Courage by Joanna Nylund

I interviewed Joanna in my podcast about her book. In her book Sisu The Finnish art of Courage Joanna explains what is sisu. How you can tap into your inner strength and use it in your everyday life.

She helps you to understand this Finnish term and how to face the challenges in life with sisu. You might have used sisu without realizing it. Sisu is within all of us. You just need to find it and use it.

Let the Children Play -Pasi Sahlberg  and William Doyle

Let the children playPasi Sahlberg is titled the father of modern Finnish schooling. Finnish education system being the envy of many countries and institutions. In his book, he makes an argument towards letting kids have more freedom through play. And how this will help kids develop more natural way.

Having more freedom to roam will have only positive impact on children’s wellbeing and development. The book is must read for parents or parents to be. It opens your eyes on how we can grow more resilient children through play.

Friluftsliv -Reconnect with Nature by Oliver Luke Delorie

When you want tips on how to reconnect with nature then tap into friluftsliv. I made an episode about Friliftsliv that you can listen. This Norwegian term means living an outdoor lifestyle, something that Nordic is famous for.

The pictures together with tips to open yourself for more flriluftsliv made me want to walk barefoot on the grass. This book is best enjoyed with cup of hot drink and notebook to write your to-do list.

Little Book of Scandi Living- Bronte Aurel

Scandi lifestyle bookThis smaller version of Bronte Aurel’s book North covers the basics of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Her book concentrates on Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The book is great on explaining some of the funny and funky facts about Scandinavia.

Her anecdotes about Eurovision and why Finland is not part of Scandinavia made me giggle. So spot on describing the friendly rivalry between the neighbors. And don’t forget to try out her recipes. There are chapters from Nordic deco to customs and celebrations.


So there you are my six best books of Nordic lifestyle. If you read one of them good for you, let me know which one you would read in comments or catch me in socials.

Best Scandinavian Lifestyle Books
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