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Why Podcasting Career Can Be Different?

In life, sometimes we reach a certain point wherein we feel our inadequacies. That is so true, even for the most successful people. In this episode, I have with me our guest Karly Nimmo podcasting extraordinare. It was enjoyable and exciting talking with this lovely mom because her story resonates well with us moms. Karly has been through so many ups and downs in life, but she never stops living for her family and herself as well. She is a wife, a mother, and at the same time, juggles her podcast, a blog and other businesses.

This delightful conversation is all about her journey on how she got started in podcasting and her battle with mental health.

How Depression Got Her into Podcasting

The Nordic Mum PodcastKarly worked as a photographer and later on followed her dream of working on radio. She thought that she could earn $440 a week by being a radio DJ, copywriter and product producer. But Karly decided to make that money doing something else. So, she left and did photographic sales and management again and started working as a voice-over artist which spanned for 15 years. Her newfound career gave her financial viability. But eventually, she realized that she has an inkling to have her show since she left her radio career.

When she had her first bout of depression, she recorded videos of herself running on the beach and shared her thoughts. The feeling was surreal as she found clarity while running on the beach. She found an escape and she decided to upload them on YouTube, and wrote about it through her blog Karlosophies.

As an entrepreneur, Karly had her fair share of challenges when she founded a co-working space in 2012. It resulted in a terrible loss amounting to $100,000, which almost cost her life because she suffered her second bout of depression and anxiety. The last ten years of her life were spent on self-discovery, accepting her failures and the complete lack of love for herself.

She fought the third episode of depression when she had a baby.  Karly felt she was isolated physically due to their family’s location. She felt all alone and unsupported, unseen and unheard. Blogging created an outlet for her to connect with other people and giving her feelings a voice.

Podcasting career

The Challenges in Starting her Podcast

Just like everyone else, she had self-doubt and was worried if people will accept her podcast. Who would listen to it? How would it rate? Will it thrive? Those kinds of concerns can get to you. Karly advises getting clear on the purpose of your podcast. And then, work on the technical stuff – what mic to use, fixing your recording space, or choosing the podcast host. Her podcasting career has been a wild ride of success and failure.

Fast forward to this day, and her podcast is doing well. Looking back in 2014-2015 when she started podcasting, she never had the best and the most expensive microphone and video to begin with. But the conviction and desire to put out her message for everyone to hear is enough reason to continue her journey.

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If podcasting is something that can help you reach your target audience, then, so be it. You can choose the medium that best suits you. Because there is also writing and blogging and a whole lot more of other options. Just don’t fuss over yourself with so much of the external stuff like the ratings and subscribers so you can do first that which matters the most.

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For those of you who want to start podcasting, Karly has these 3 top tips:

  1. Take the pressure completely off.

Don’t do it for it to be something. Do it because you feel called to do it. Lots of fear will surface. The first thing is not to listen to that fear because it’s a freaking liar. You have something to say, know enough, and have the right to speak.

  1. Practice using your voice.

When Karly started in radio, she had this demo done in radio school, and if she listens to that now, she swears it will make her skin crawl. That demo may sound flat as a tack or boring as bat shit, but the reality is, that is okay because she was that person who is now Karly. It has been through many iterations, many different voices, many various forms of expression, many different stories that have gotten her to this point where she can show up, not have a qualified plan and have that voice take her somewhere. Practice listening to yourself without judgement. Listen as an observer.

  1. Take the path of least resistance.

Karly believes that where we start isn’t where we finish and, we have to start somewhere. Start with Anchor or begin where you feel comfortable and know that anything worthwhile is going to require you to feel some level of stretch.

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