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Balance Your Life on the New Year with These Scandi Tips

How to Balance Your Life and Live Scandi Inspired Lifestyle 2021 

I wanted to teach you how to balance your life and share some of the Nordic wisdom. Perhaps you are in a need of something new coming to the new year and you are looking to overhaul your life. Whatever it is, incorporate these tips into your life and you are on your way to a happy healthier lifestyle.

Be Helpful Towards Others

Give and you receive. Helping other people, carrying the shopping up the stairs, keeping the door open for someone or waiting at the door to let people in. Little polite actions but how good does it make you feel when you help someone?

I believe a karma here. If you are good to others it pays itself forward.

Love and be Loved

Getting a hug from a friend and a message of I love you can be a powerful booster to our immune system and mental health. Allowing ourselves to feel love is aphrodisiac but it boosts our health and general wellbeing.

Say I love you to your loved ones. Verbalising your emotions can be the most amazing thing to feel happiness.

Sleep Enough

The way we live our lives with digital distractions, television and general business our sleep is suffering.

Make sleep your best buddy, getting that 6-8h of sleep a night makes you happier and healthier.

Spend Time in the Nature

That walk you have been planning to do. Do it today. The more time we spend roaming the hills and going walks in the park the better we feel. Nature therapy.

It is a proven link between nature and spending time outdoors. Best thing you can do today is to get outside and enjoy nature.

Enjoy the Small Pleasures in Life

Have you ever listen to the sounds when you open the front door. Like really listen? Have you enjoyed the smell of the morning mist when you go for a walk? What does a coffee shop smell like?

Our smell is the most powerful instinct that helps us to be happy. Happiness and your smell are linked. So next time you go outside smell the world around you and what can you find.

Learn to Relax and Do Nothing

It is an art of doing nothing. Just being. Enjoying Life. If you are not able to relax you are in constant overdrive.

Take time to turn off the digital devices, and find a way to relax. Just doing nothing and sitting and listening to the nature and sounds around you can be overwhelming if you have not done it before. Just try and you will be surprised how easy it is.

Be Thankful Every Day

For What you have and what you do. Say Thanks. Think about things you have, home, car, health and be thankful.

Some people journal or use affirmation cards to implement thankfulness to their lives. For some it can be easy as silent thanks. For some there is a need to write it and for some to record it. Whatever you choose just make it a constant thing in your life.

Trust Your Instincts that Life Will Be Okay

You cannot be in control of everything in your life. Be open to possibilities that you will come across. Embrace even the bad things that happen. What can you learn from this? How can I improve my life and the life of the people around me?

Trust your instincts when making decisions. Sometimes there are no right or wrong way but just a correct answer to the question that you have. Know that your life will be okay.

Balance your life

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  • The Nordic Mum
    Posted at 06:30h, 13 January

    Thank you! Glad to hear that they resonated with you!

  • Jenny in Neverland
    Posted at 01:25h, 13 January

    Love these tips! I’m already trying to incorporate a lot of these into my daily life 🙂

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