Satu Ramo talking all things Iceland

All Things Iceland part 1 with Satu Ramo

All Things Iceland

It does not get any further apart from Australia than living in Iceland. Magical Scandinavian country where I have always wanted to visit. I had the pleasure to talk with Satu Ramo a Finnish author, blogger, and entrepreneur who lives in Iceland for this episode. We sit down to the virtual couch to talk about her journey to Iceland, country or fire and ice and what has kept her there all this time.

Moving to Iceland

Satu went to Iceland in 2003 as an exchange student from university and felt home immediately on arrival. She found the country fascinating and magical with the wild weather and volcanic nature. It did not bother her that the language was difficult and different and that the average temperature on summer is +4C.

Satu ramo talking all things Iceland

Living in Iceland

Satu ended up staying for a year and completing her studies. She felt she had found her home in Iceland. We laugh that she must be Icelandic by nature. She also found love on one of her subsequent trips to the country. After this, there was not returning to Finland.

Satu is an economist by training but as she explains in Iceland people are wearing many hats. She likes the multi-functional life where she can do lots of different things. Writing books, blogging, riding Icelandic horses with Saga-Matkat. Bringing Finnish groups to Iceland and telling them about the country are amongst some of the things she does for living.

Talkaing all things Iceland

Are Icelandic People connected to Nature?

Where else than in Iceland do you feel so connected to your nature? In Finland perhaps. I wanted to ask this as I always thought that Icelandic people are more in tune with nature than any other Scandinavian country.

However,  Satu explains the majority of the people live in Reykjavik and people are more urbanized than before. The Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption (2010) caused chaos but also provided more work. Tourism has increased and is now the main economy in Iceland since 2010. Icelandic people themselves enjoy camping, horse riding but they have become more accustom to weekend trips to London. They play golf in Miami rather than enjoy the nature around them.

This was part 1 /2 episode of All Things Iceland. Listen to next episode in part 2.

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