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All Things Iceland part 2 with Satu Ramo

All Things Iceland

Life of a Working Mother in Iceland

Satu and I discussed the life of a working mother in Iceland. Parental leave in Finland and Iceland are different. It appears that Iceland has one of the most advantaged policies on maternal care than any other country. Women get 3 months paid leave, the partner gets 3 months paid leave that 90% of the men take.

You cannot move paternal leave to your partner; the policy is to use it or lose it.  Women stay home for another few months total around 9 before their child starts childcare so that the mother can return to work. There is full employment in Iceland and women are not rejected in the workplace as men get to take the parental leave as well. I think we can learn from this, right?

What is the Difference between Icelandic and Finnish People?

Satu describes Icelandic people are more positive and they look up to their country on how good they are on something. Finns on the other hand we are less likely to make a fuss about ourselves and our achievements.

Icelandic nature

People from Iceland are proud of what they are. They have new innovative ways of doing things. She thinks that we Finns like to plan too much. We should look upon Icelandic for some inspiration on being less formal and more fun. Does that sound familiar?

Are Icelandic People Sustainable?

All things Iceland

Talking about sustainability and how Iceland with a population of 350 000 people have very high emission footprint. They are not known for their sustainable lifestyle and enviromental nature. However, since Satu has been living in Iceland for over 10 years things are changing. There are more recycling places, people are more aware of their actions and how it impacts the nature around them.

However more needs to be done. Most of the changes are driven by outside forces such as Greta Thunberg, and her drive to make people think of their actions towards nature.

What Next to Satu?

Satu says she is happy with her life Iceland and she is blessed to live the kind of life she has there. She has a true passion for all things Iceland. She has even developed an app called Tripsteri App where you can find all her recommendations when you visit Iceland.(in Finnish)

Although Iceland is small country and everyone knows everybody, something that can be weird when you first move there. Satu would not change a thing and loves her life in Iceland with her two kids and Icelandic husband.

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