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Susanna sitting with a tea cup in hand on a sofa

I’m Susanna The Nordic Mum. Nice To Meet You.

I educate parents who feel overwhelmed in their lives and show them how to have a NORDIC LIFE,  with a hint of SCANDI SIMPLICITY  while making it look + feel super easy.

In my podcast and I am here to make better use of your time while making it all feel like a walk in the park.

When I am not creating content or podcasting you can find me indulging in some salted licorice while watching Netflix with hubby and the occasional pino grigio in hand.

My Nordic Journey.

The real life of working from home and being a parent can be overwhelming and stressful. YOU know what I mean? Working from home in my yoga pants sipping latte is what you would think I am doing. (I wish!)

In reality this housewife is running around with my two rowdy boys who keep me on my toes while trying to type emails on my iPhone and not to show my dirty hair in my Insta stories.

I am just like you.

Feeling overwhelmed at times.

Stressed while running a household.

Always looking at the next best thing on how to stay organized and top of things.

I browse Facebook groups for answers, look dinner recipes online and catch up on the latest Netflix fix or just spend way too much time on surfing in social media like Instagram.

I decided to start Nordic Mum Podcast a way to express myself and my ideas about my Finnish background and how I can sprinkle some Nordic joy, Hygge to everyday lives of other parents out there. How the simplistic lifestyle that Scandinavia is famous for can be replicated where ever you are.

My Podcast and Blog give you insight on how I apply #simplitic lifestyle, eco-friendly clean living to my at times chaotic family life. I live by been organized, planning ahead and batch working in my life. I openly share my mistakes and my learnings in the hope that you can avoid the same.

Let me help you to find balance in your life. Lets start getting #NordicSimplicity and some Hygge to your life. Tune in to my latest Nordic Mum Podcast and Blog post for tips to get you started.


Susanna ,The Nordic Mum


My Bucket List


Climb Mount Everest Base Camp


Learn to Play the Guitar


Learn to Hang Glide


Dive at Great Barrier Reef


Write a Book (working on this one)


Be Extra in a Movie


Meet Ellen Degeneres


See a Geysir


Sleep an Ice Hotel


Give a TED Talk

My Bucket List

My Favourite Moments.

I am always excited when I can share something new in my podcasts These episodes are one of MY FAVOURITES for that reason.

These talks have inspired me to change something in my life and showed a different take on running your home, being a parent or just living life.

You have LOVED these for the same reasons. These are worth to listen, perhaps even twice.

The Nordic Mum

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