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Scandinavian Lifestyle Discovered. I’m Susanna Heiskanen, thanks for dropping by.

I am an author and write about the Nordic lifestyle, with a hint of minimalism while making it look + feel super easy.  I love inspiring and educating people who feel overwhelmed in their lives. I am an avid reader of books and I have just published my first book Nordic Lifestyle.

In my podcast and blog, I teach you how better use your time while making it all feel like a walk in the park.

Interested to find your Nordic vibe?

To start your Nordic Journey just listen to my podcast and read the blogs to get you started.  You can discover more about me in my recent book Nordic Lifestyle and my journey from Finland to Australia in Arctic Paradise.

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My Nordic Lifestyle.

Starting Nordic Mum Podcast was a way to express my Finnish identity and how I can sprinkle some Nordic life, Hygge to other people out there. I want to show how the simple Scandinavian lifestyle can be replicated where ever you are.

My Podcast and Blog give you insight on how I apply Nordic life simplicity to my lifestyle. I interview people from the Nordics who share their journeys, and what we can learn from them.

In the past, I have blogged on a variety of topics and contributed to articles in Mamamia , Herdacity, Rolcruise Blog, No Sidebar and Explore Nordic I have also been a quest on several podcasts such as Dream Home Movement, Eat the Damn Bread, Dialed In, How to Live Slow, Simply Happy Podcast and Balancing Cultures.

Let me help you to find balance in your life. Let’s start getting  Nordic Minimalism and some Simplicity to your life. Tune in to my latest Nordic Mum Podcast and Blog for tips to get you started.

You can catch all my books that I have written at my Nordic Mum Book shop where you can join my email list or grab yourself a copy of one of my books.


Susanna Heiskanen

My Favourite Scandinavian Lifestyle Moments

I am always excited when I can share something new in my podcast and blog. These readers are my favorites for that reason.

Talks that have inspired me to change something in my life and showed a different take on running my home, being a parent or just living life.

You have loved these for the same reasons. These are worth to listen, perhaps even twice.

We can reduce rising living costs while still living a healthy lifestyle. You can make your electricity bill smaller and your wallet thicker with savings. The tips here are practical and you can implement them where ever you are....